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A genuine, uncomplicated and relaxed way for you to enjoy the many benefits of yoga. We aim to provide an environment in which you can meet YOUR goals, whether they be physical, mental, spiritual or otherwise.

We have created an atmosphere that is energetically spirited, full of music, friendly, aesthetically pleasing and focused on YOU! Our practices - Activate, Invigorate and Exhilarate - have been developed to help you meet your objectives, not ours.

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Our Activate class is a settling and clarifying practice. This class, which is set to calm yet energetic music, offers a complete "head to toe" experience. By focusing on thoughtful movement, stretching and restoring, this practice will surely have you feeling activated!

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Our Invigorate class provides an energizing, stimulating and moderately aerobic practice. A fluid class which brings together posture, breath, flow and music in a dynamically smooth sequence, this practice produces internal heat that tones muscles and revitalizes your body.

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Our Exhilarate class takes it to the next level — physically and mentally. Combining our unique style of dynamic, aerobic-oriented yoga with key strengthening elements, you will truly be elevated! bulldog leaders will challenge you to push beyond your self-perceived limits.

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