Jodi Rogozinski

Favorite Music

Lately, I’m loving the new Garth Brooks single Ask Me How I Know and Zac Brown Band’s Loving You Easy, but I’m always happy to dance to a Justin Timberlake song or take it back old school with a little Rod Stewart. And I can’t deny my Miami roots — I’ve gotta flow to some house music.

Why bulldog?

bulldog is a space where you can just move — move your body, move your mind, move whatever it is that you need to in the moment. Show up to my class, and I promise you’ll feel powerful as we move together, sweat together, and maybe even sing along together. 

Any fun, quirky, unknown fact that would be cool to share (inspire) others and help them get to "know" you better and want to come take your class!

I used to get severe migraines from milk and dark chocolate. When Hershey’s came out with marbled kisses, I would eat around the milk chocolate to get to the white chocolate.

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