$25 for 25 Days of Unlimited Yoga Classes Set to Killer Playlists

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Select from any of our classes, all heated to 92 sweat-tacular degrees


Your whole-body workout for the day. Ambitious, stimulating and pretty darn aerobic.  


A “dialed up” version of Invigorate for an extra cardio and strengthening challenge.  


Set to calm music, works your entire body in a dynamic “slow flow” class  

What the Heck is "bulldog" yoga?

Bulldog combines the strength training and flexibility you get from yoga with killer playlists and easy-to-follow instructions in plain English (not Sanskrit!).  

You’ll get a great full-body workout, guaranteed.  

Our studio has a down-to-earth vibe with instructors who love what they do. 

We welcome all levels at bulldog because everyone should feel good doing yoga.  

Come meet us at our studio in the heart of Downtown Boulder!  

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