$25 for 25 Days of Unlimited Yoga Classes Set to Killer Playlists

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Your whole-body workout for the day. Ambitious, stimulating and pretty darn aerobic.  


A “dialed up” version of Invigorate for an extra cardio and strengthening challenge.  


Set to calm music, works your entire body in a dynamic “slow flow” class  

Why bulldog yoga?

  • Bulldog is all about getting what you want out of your fitness experience. Get fit, get strong, get flexible and have some fun with easy-to-follow instructions in plain English (not Sanskrit - and no gongs or chimes here!). Bulldog mixes the brain benefits of music with the body benefits of yoga. 
  • The result? POW!!! - we just handed you the keys to your new castle! 
  • All levels welcome - just bring your beautiful you!  

The best yoga in the known universe is...right here!  

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