bulldog Benefits

bulldog yoga is excited to be part of Perkville, a fun way for you to earn rewards for things like attending class, referring a friend and engaging with us on social media.

What is Perkville?

Simply put, Perkville is equivalent to a frequent flier program.  Perkville is integrated with Mindbody, bulldog’s point of sale and guest management system, to keep things simple for you.

So, once you sign up, there’s nothing more for you to do. Tracking, earning and redeeming your rewards is all done seamlessly via your account with bulldog.

To create an account, simply click the button below and register using the same email address you have connected to your account at bulldog yoga. To check your bulldog benefits balance, login to your Perkville account by signing into your account at www.perkville.com.

We have intentionally set the program so that you can quickly start to earn rewards…. start earning today!!!!

Create Account

How to Earn

  • Join bulldog benefits = 100 points
  • Refer a friend to bulldog yoga = 50 points
  • Attend a class = 25 points
  • Follow us on Twitter = 25 points
  • Tweet about bulldog = 10 points
  • Check-in at bulldog on Facebook = 10 points
  • Take any 8 classes in a calendar month = 150 points

Redeem for Rewards!

  • Bulldog Trucker Hat = 250 points
  • Bulldog T Shirt = 250 points
  • Free Class = 400 points
  • Rubee Couture Bulldog Tank Top = 500 points
  • $25 off Studio Boutique Purchase = 600 points
  • Private yoga session at the studio for you and 10 friends = 1500 points
  • Free month of unlimited yoga = 2000 points
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