Power of Music

Why music?

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”
— Ludwig van Beethoven

At bulldog, our musicologists create hand-picked playlists.  Why? As Beethoven so eloquently wrote, it makes us whole. And…IT’S FUN, UPLIFTING AND MAKES US FEEL GOOD! What an amazing combo…all of yoga’s fantastic physical and mental rewards, plus the awesome benefits of music!

That’s bulldog.

We have a large and diverse library of great music, and we are regularly updating our playlists. Follow us on Spotify!

In addition to being plain-old-awesome, music is brain food - who doesn’t want to feed their brain?!? Here are just a few ways music will make your life better...

  • enhancing intelligence and IQ
  • boosting memory performance
  • heightening concentration and productivity
  • fighting pain
  • improving athletic performance
  • fighting fatigue
  • improving sleep
  • decreasing blood pressure
  • reducing stress
  • enabling better body movement and coordination

Click the players below to hear three samples of our many great playlists

Exhilarate hip hop

Exhilarate bulldog mix vintage

Invigorate bulldog mix vogue

Invigorate rock


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