Allison Dombroski

Favorite Music

I’m a Gemini and the type of music I listen to definitely reflects that – catch me bopping to a little bit of everything, especially if the lyrics are something I connect with. I love Ed Sheeran, Fleetwood, Paul Simon, Taylor Swift, AC/DC, Lizzo, Eric Church….so yah, I’m listening to it all.

Why bulldog?

When I first started taking classes at Bulldog, I had no idea how important yoga and this community would become to the healing journey I’m on. Showing up on my mat every day, challenging myself physically and mentally, working towards being okay with not being perfect, and making new friends in the studio, has taught me to accept myself exactly as I am in this moment and embrace the mess that is life off the mat. I am a sharer, and when I find something that brings me joy and helps me find peace, I want to share it with those around me and that’s my goal with teaching at Bulldog.

Fun Fact:

People always say that they can hear my car coming from around the block because I blast my music so loud. I have a mini concert every car ride. I have practiced and perfected my Cher impression all in my car.



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