Brittany Hackman

Favorite Music

I love folk rock (Mumford & Sons and Imagine Dragons top the list), ‘90s hip hop and rap, current radio hits, and indie chill playlists. I’ll listen to anything, and I love whatever I can dance or flow to.

Why bulldog?

 bulldog is all about fun, friendship, and community. Guests love walking in and catching up with each other and the leaders, and they genuinely enjoy class. I hope that my class can be a source of empowerment for these guests. 

Fun Fact:

I quit my corporate civil engineering job in October 2016 to travel to Peru, Argentina, and Chile for four months. While I was there, I became a yoga teacher, hiked as many mountains as possible, and volunteered teaching yoga and English to kids in Peru. I could have easily stayed for a full year! 

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