Christa Boettiger

Favorite music:

Every week, I find myself with a new favorite song that I can’t help but play on repeat until I’m, well, over it. Generally, I love anything with a good rhythm and beat. Odesza and Kygo are two of my faves, but I also like soft house, country, and rap… and I can always get down to Missy Elliott, Akon, and other hip hop throwbacks.

Why bulldog?

On day one, I was greeted with smiling faces at the studio, and I knew it was a community I wanted to be part of. The space, culture, and people all radiate good vibes, and bulldog truly has your best interests in mind. I love that classes are accessible to everyone and that the music allows you to fully tap into your yoga practice and have a fun, transformative workout.

Fun fact:

I’m a certified personal trainer and a big believer in the fact that anyone can find a fun and enjoyable way to exercise and get their body moving. My background is in ballet and distance running, but I now love to channel my energy into HIIT circuits, lifting, running, hiking, and (of course) yoga.

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