Jacqueline Dickman

Favorite Music:

I love music of all genres, but my favorite throughout the decades is definitely Pop.  I was a teen in the 80’s so I am a big fan of Madonna and Phil Collins, R&B hits from Earth, Wind and Fire, Lionel Richie and Classic Rock bands like Aerosmith and Queen.

Why bulldog?

The minute I walk into bulldog, I feel calm and energized at the same time  I am always greeted with a big hello, which make it feel personal and welcoming. The space itself is cool and industrial, with an upscale vibe which makes the whole experience more inviting. The community is warm and encouraging which makes for the ideal studio.

Fun Fact:

I was the captain of my color war team at overnight camp. There was a special day in the camp where they dressed the captains up in a costume that resembled them and their personality. They made me Wonder Woman.  I am alway inspired by this, as not only is Wonder Woman, athletic and beautiful, but she is strong, invincible superhero and role model.  When I think about Wonder Woman, I am reminded that if I set my mind to it, I can do anything.  I hope that people in my class will be inspired by this, and realize that inside of each of us is a Wonder Woman or Women Man, pushing them to be their very best.

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