Katie D'Orazio

Favorite Music

I love me some laid-back Luke Bryan on a summer deck, a little heart-pumping Jay-Z during a sweaty jog, some soulful Ed Sheeran while studying, and a classic Springsteen hit while driving with the windows down.

Why bulldog?

bulldog’s brand of yoga is a dynamic, strength-building one. It’s fitness for the body and the mind. Plus, music universally motivates, and bulldog offers a variety of beats that coordinate with the energy curve of class to create a natural, fun experience.

Fun Fact

The scariest — and also the most rewarding — endeavor in my life was switching careers in my thirties. I went from working in financial services to pursuing my passion and becoming a registered dietitian. The takeaway? Do one thing each day that scares you. The ordinary lies in your comfort zone.

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