Kristen Reich

Favorite Music

I have an eclectic taste in music! I like it all – pop, hip hop, rock, and even a little country. My playlists have a little of everything.  Some favorites are Maroon 5, Stevie Nicks, the Weekend, and Zach Bryan.

Why bulldog?

I have been a student at Bulldog since it opened.  I love the energy, the music, and most of all the community.  I have always felt at home at Bulldog. I want to share that feeling and my love for yoga with everyone that takes my class!

Fun Fact:

I started ballet as a child and continued through college, where I minored in dance. I was first introduced to yoga as part of my dance training and fell in love with it. The movement and discipline reminded me of dance, and the mindfulness aspect was a major bonus. I have been practicing for over 20 years!

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