Kristin Landman

Favorite Music:

I grew up listening to classic rock with my parents and I love it to this day! My faves are Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Allman Brothers… the list goes on. But I also dig other genres — there’s honestly very little music I don’t like.

Why bulldog:

A friend brought me to a bulldog class on a cold winter morning. I left sweaty and smiling and I never looked back! Bulldog instantly felt like home to me — and I know many others feel the same. The upbeat music, positivity, close-knit community, and unique flows keep you motivated and help you to become a better version of yourself on and off the mat. I hope people feel all of that in my classes!

Fun fact:

I can name most songs after only hearing a few notes. My husband thinks I have a good ear for music, but I actually credit the very long car trips I used to take to Florida with my family. Growing up, I would sit in the front seat of the car with my dad playing the radio, listening to his rock mixes on cassettes (yes, on a tape deck!), and playing Name That Tune.

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