Michelle Stanger

Favorite music:

I listen to everything, so it really depends on my mood. I was brought up listening to countryĀ musicĀ (even rocking the occasional line dance here and there), and I threw in hip hop and rock as I got older. My currentĀ favoriteĀ is Dirty Heads. You can catch me singing loudly in the shower when theirĀ musicĀ is on,

Why bulldog?

There is no bull$#!t with bulldog. What you see is what you get! The leaders are real and we love what we do. Teaching at bulldog encourages me to be myself and to have fun with my yoga practice. I hope to share that same outlook with my guests.

Fun fact:

I don’t like working out and weights are not my thing. But a challenging, creative, and sweaty yoga class? Thatā€™s my jam. Don’t be surprised if you see me dance during class.

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