Nikki Rowinski

Favorite music / artist (band) / current playlist:

I love Prince (and anything else from the ’80s), ’90s grunge (think Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, and Hole), and ’90s hip hop and R&B (we’re talkin’ B.I.G., Wu Tang, Tribe Called Quest, and Naughty by Nature). Am I showing my age yet? 

Why bulldog? Of all the places you could teach, what is it about bulldog that you love and why you enjoy teaching at bulldog? What do you hope to share with your guests in class?

bulldog is the total package: a beautiful space with amazing, heart-pumping energy, and filled with everyone’s favorite tunes. To top it off, you get a sweat dripping flow in every single class. You’ll always leave feeling inspired and pumped up!

Any fun, quirky, unknown fact that would be cool to share (inspire) others and help them get to "know" you better and want to come take your class!

I can quote Bruce Willis movies word for word. Need a line from Pulp FictionDie Hard, or The Fifth Element? I’ve got you. 

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