Sophie Numbers

Favorite music:

It totally depends on my mood and what I’m doing. One second I might be a total rap and hip hop girl, and the next I’m feeling some deeply smooth indie rock. I can almost certainly always connect with some mellow EDM, and I even have a country side to me. I enjoy a wide range of music because I use music as a companion through the even wider range that is my emotions. Music helps me process my truest feelings — even if it’s simply joy!

Why bulldog?

From the minute I learned about the bulldog style and philosophy, I knew I had bulldog running through my veins. No other studio encourages the intensity that makes me feel my best. bulldog provides a supportive, safe, and encouraging space for people to discover and push their own intense, physical practice. All of this is also happening to killer playlists! Basically, bulldog is a studio that supports my exact passion.

Fun fact:

Yoga and movement for me is always a dance, so if a guest likes to let loose and be carefree to some rad music — and wants to know that they will certainly walk away dripping sweat — they should check out my class! 

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