5 Reasons Dogs Are Good For Your Health

The furry doctor is in.

We make no bones about it: we freakin’ love dogs. (See what we did there? Dogs love bones! We love dogs!) It’s quite literally part of our name, which means that it makes its way into pretty much everything we do. Our communities get involved with animal rescue organizations, some of our swag is dog-themed, and we’ll gladly form a cuddle puddle with any pup that finds its way into one of our studios. Dogs, dogs, dogs — give us all the dogs.

Did you know that there’s more to the canine population than just their cuteness and their retrieving abilities? That’s right — your furry friend is more than just a pretty face. The health benefits of spending time with dogs have been well-documented, and since wellness is right up there with the animal kingdom on our list of favorite things, we think you need to know more about those benefits. Keep scrolling for all the (adorable) details.

  1. Most dogs don’t tolerate a lot of sitting around, so having a dog is a great way to help you stay active. Whether it’s daily walks or regular games of fetch, your pup’s standard activity level is sure to help raise your baseline activity level, keeping you moving on a regular basis. Per Time Magazine, dog owners take 2,760 more steps on an average day than non-dog owners — and those steps make a difference. The more you move your body, the healthier you are!
  2. Dogs minimize depression. Of course they do! While studies show that certain demographics may not find themselves less prone to depression simply because they’re around dogs, the majority of humans do enjoy a reduced risk when they log more time with canines. Therapy dogs exist for a reason! Even non-dog owners can benefit from being around pups outside of their own home.
  3. According to Harvard Medical School — and we’re pretty sure they know their stuff — dog ownership is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. In other words, while you might feel like your heart is going to burst with love when you look at your pup, you can also rest assured that doing so will improve your long-term heart health! Several Harvard studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lower triglyceride levels, all of which reduces your risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Experts attribute this to the fact that dogs tend to get you moving more frequently and to keep you calm.
  4. Some dogs can detect cancer. This is a lot of pressure to put on an untrained pet, but there are, in fact, some pooches who can naturally sniff out skin, bladder, breast, colon, lung, and ovarian cancers. If your pet is especially in tune with you and seems to be acting strange or smelling you more than usual, it may be worth seeing a doctor!
  5. Dog owners are more social, and a rich social life is good for your mental health! According to HuffPost, 40 percent of dog owners make friends more easily than those who don’t have dogs, often because their pets provide them with a common ground with others. This can help ward off social anxiety and keep your overall stress levels low.

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Featured image: Lucrezia Carnelos/Unsplash; Two dog image: Jennifer Regnier/Unsplash

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