8 Practical Tips for the Best Home Workouts

Get the most out of exercise on your own turf.

best home workouts

Are you feeling off-track with your health and fitness goals because getting to the gym for a workout isn’t really an option right now? Yeah. We understand. Even when we’re not social distancing, getting out of the house can be a stretch. Life requires so much running around as it is, and home can be so darn cozy! That’s why you need the best home workouts! 

Having the option to work out on your own territory with an online yoga class means that you can keep fitness a priority no matter the circumstances of the outside world. (No excuses!) This also means that you can reap the many health benefits of yoga, which we have to say is one of the very best home workouts you can get. 

(Did you notice that picture up top? Kendall Long from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise is already on board.)

Check out these eight practical tips to help you get the best home workouts possible…

1. Schedule it.

best home workoutsYes, one of the reasons that working out at home is such a game changer is that it’s flexible and requires a little less planning on your part, but that doesn’t mean that we recommend totally winging it.

If you really want to get into a consistent routine with the best home workouts, you might consider jotting your at-home sweat sessions on the calendar… in pencil, so you can move it around, if you have to!

Building your at-home workouts into a calendar will help you stay just as accountable for that time as you would be if you were taking a class at a gym or studio. 

It’s a lot harder to talk your way out of moving your body when it’s staring you in the face from your schedule.

2. Stream online yoga. 

best home workoutsWe’re prettttty confident that we offer one of the best home workouts in the game with our online classes, period. Our streamed classes are available at three levels, so you can get your bulldog on no matter how much (or how little) yoga experience you have. We even offer custom workout plans!

According to Harvard Medical School, yoga promotes flexibility, reduces back pain, and helps with health conditions ranging from migraines to gastrointestinal disease. The American Osteopathic Association also credits the practice with helping yogis better manage stress, develop coping skills, and improve their overall mental health. Doing power yoga actually boosts happiness

With all of those benefits, why wouldn’t you choose online yoga classes as your best home workouts… especially when it’s so easy to access from wherever you are? 

3. Make space.

There’s no need to have an “official” home gym in your house or apartment in order to achieve the best home workouts possible, but it doesn’t hurt to designate an area for some of your sessions. Pick a spot where you know you’ll be comfortable moving around — some free floor space is really all you need.

The beauty of doing yoga at home, in particular, is that we’re talking about bodyweight exercises here. There’s no need to store a lot of equipment. Sounds like another perk to us!

4. Partner up.

best home workoutsPer a 2016 study from the University of Aberdeen, people who recruit workout buddies exercise more than people who don’t. You can use this same principle to get more consistent with your best home workouts — and since it can be easier to skip a workout here and there when you’re on your home territory, it’s actually that much more important that you do. 

According to the study, emotional support is the most important factor in an exercise accountability partner relationship. 

Find a friend or loved one who you can count on to check in regularly to make sure that you’re sticking to your movement goals. Be sure you’re choosing someone who you’re comfortable confiding in if you’re feeling stuck or frustrated. This will help make sure you do your best home workouts!

5. Look the part.

We don’t believe that you need to be decked out in fancy athletic gear to get the best home workouts, or that you need to spend all of your money on the swanky athleisure you see in Instagram fitness ads to reach your exercise goals. Still, if you’re struggling to stay motivated with your at-home workout routine, you might want to consider investing in a few new workout outfits. 

Resist the temptation to wear your pajamas or favorite TV-watching sweatpants simply because they’re around! Your sweat sesh will be much better for it.

6. Do not disturb.

best home workoutsThere’s no way you’re going to get the best home workouts if your family members, partner, or roommates keep stopping by to ask you questions or say hi while you’re mid-flow. Let your loved ones know ahead of time when you’re planning to exercise. Remind them that while you’re technically at home during this time, you really can’t be disturbed! Unless there’s an emergency, they should pretend that you’re taking a class at a gym or studio.

Loved ones bumming over your do not disturb policy? Remind them that your yoga workout is a form of self care, which can benefit your relationships. That should bring them on board!

And if all else fails with keeping the kiddos out of the room? No problem. Online yoga for kids is absolutely a thing. Get the littles involved!

7. Make it a party.

Jumpstart your home workout routine by going social with it. We’re big fans of throwing at-home online yoga parties! Share a link to your favorite online class with friends and cheer each other on through a session of our fun, high-intensity brand of yoga.

They might just love the classes so much that they become your bulldog yoga online accountability partners… and online yoga classes might just be the best home workouts they’ve ever had, too. 

8. Treat yourself… when you’re finished.

best home workoutsKnocking out one of your best home workouts deserves a celebration — and you do, too! Pump yourself up to exercise by promising yourself a Netflix binge session or delicious dinner when you’re finished. According to Johnson Fitness, a built-in reward system is extremely important for establishing regular fitness habits! Plus — who isn’t looking for another excuse to treat themselves? 

Curious what the best home workouts are for you? 

best home workoutsWhen you think about practical tips and starting to incorporate them into finding the best home workout for you, consider trying different types of exercise to find the one that best fits you. Ready to try something new? 

Check out our online yoga classes!

Calendar image: STIL/Unsplash; Do not disturb image: Megan Markham/Unsplash

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