6 Fitness Goals You Can Accomplish With Yoga Workouts at Home

The healthiest goals you can have for yoga workouts at home.

yoga workouts at home

We don’t buy into the idea that “getting a yoga body” is a goal worth building your yoga workouts at home around. Sure, yoga has been proven to support weight loss, but any body can be a yoga body. Seriously. 

Putting a label on a “yoga body” and what it’s supposed to look like does nothing but add pressure and judgment to a yoga practice. And judgement just really isn’t our thing, especially when we want your yoga workout at home to be a safe space where you can engage in self care

If you happen to be pursuing goals that are specific to weight loss or other body transformations, that’s totally your call, but we are big believers in the fact that there are other healthier, more productive goals for you to lead with. And since power yoga has so many health benefits, you can definitely meet those goals! The yoga workouts at home you’ll get from our online classes may help you tone up, but focusing on the six goals below will help you be kinder to yourself in the process.

1. “Boost my strength!” 

Holding your body in yoga poses for long stretches of time is no joke, and it requires strength in all areas of your bod! That doesn’t mean that you need to be super strong in order to get started with yoga workouts at home, but it does mean that you can set your sights on developing more strength as you practice online yoga over time. 

The high-energy brand of yoga that we practice in our online classes has the extra advantage of raising your heart rate, which means it’s a great cardio workout. You can show your muscles a little extra love by making yoga workouts at home a regular habit. An increase in strength is a great goal to keep you motivated in your yoga journey!

yoga workouts at home2. “Increase my flexibility!” 

If you were under the impression that you need impressive levels of flexibility before you can even have fun with yoga workouts at home to start with, then we’re sorry to say that you’ve gotten some bad info. We like to think that it really works the opposite way — getting into yoga at home or online actually helps you get more flexible. And the University of Rochester Medical Center backs that up! According to the experts there, yoga workouts at home can, in fact, make you more flexible. 

Don’t let the fact that you’re currently not as stretchy as you’d like to be keep you from giving yoga a go. Instead, make improved flexibility a goal! The good news? Gaining this flexibility will pay off in your other daily activities, as well.

yoga workouts at home3. “Get me more excited about being active!”

Are you bored with your usual workout routine (or maybe with your lack of one)? We’ve been there. Being bored with a particular exercise is often used as an excuse to skip a session

Lots of exercises and workout classes can get stale, but not yoga workouts at home! Our online yoga classes all offer just a little twist on what you might expect — a great new song, a stretching technique you’ve never tried before, an ab sequence to whip you into shape — and you’ll never get bored.

Kick that boredom to the curb and you’ll find that you’re more motivated to keep frequent yoga workouts at home as part of your routine. Mission accomplished. 

yoga workouts at home4. “Help me improve my overall health.”

There are so many well-documented benefits of yoga at home, ranging from stress reduction and better cardio health to injury prevention and pain relief. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage?

When you combine all the health perks of practicing yoga — or better yet, doing yoga workouts at home! — you’re bound to experience a jump in your quality of life. Wouldn’t it feel better to just, like, feel better? 

Set a goal to improve your general wellness level and watch yourself meet that goal with more yoga workouts at home in your life.

yoga workouts at home5. “Introduce me to a new yoga at home community.”

Making friends as a grown-up can be tricky, but if you’re in the market for new pals, one of the best ways to do it is to get involved in a new activity. There will be a new social circle ready and waiting for you!

Our online yoga classes might not take place in a physical studio where you can meet and greet friends, but they might just give you the excuse you’ve been looking for to invite some potential buds to join you for a remote yoga party where everyone does yoga workouts at home simultaneously. You’ll also get access to our bulldog online community, where you can get to know your fellow bulldoggers (who may also be attending our classes virtually with you!) and learn more about what’s happening in their lives on and off the mat. Hello, community!

yoga workouts at home6. “I want to feel good about myself!”

Maybe your self-confidence isn’t where you’d like it to be because you’re worried you’re not in the best possible shape. Maybe it’s your emotional state that’s just a little bit in the gutter. Either way, yoga workouts at home might be just what you need to cultivate some self love

Start your next online yoga class with the singular goal of tending to your self-esteem. It’s easy to take baby steps toward achieving that kind of goal, and with each positive yoga experience with yoga workouts at home, you’ll feel better about yourself and more excited to get back on the mat in the future.

Do you have your wellness goal in mind? Good. Time to pick your first online class!

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