5 Tips for Turning Online Yoga at Home Into a Party

Party like a bulldog.

online yoga at home

There are a lot of excuses that keep us from prioritizing exercise in our routines. We’ve tried to provide a solution for one of the most common ones — a lack of time! — by making it super easy for you to do online yoga at home with what we think is the best online yoga out there. But if you find that your social life also tends to get in the way of your workout schedule, we’d like to offer a fixer for you there, as well. Why not turn that online yoga at home into a full-on party?

online yoga at homeYoga is, of course, healthy and fun — have you heard about all of its health benefits? — but we think that one of its underrated benefits is that it can also be social. What could be more social than a yoga party? If this is new to you, then it looks like we’ve just made it a thing!

Bulldoggers, we know we’re living in strange times. Thanks to social distancing measures, socializing these days looks totally different than ever before. We don’t know about you, but we’re very much in the market for creative ways to hang with the people we love. Taking your online yoga at home and making it social is one solution! If it’s safe, you can invite people to join you to yoga together IRL, but you can also share a link to one of your favorite online classes with everyone and ask them to get it started at the same time. Send a Zoom link so it feels like you’re hanging out while you flow and you’re ready to go.

online yoga at home

Here are five tips to help you host the best-ever (online, at home) bulldog-style yoga party. Have fun!

1. Get crazy with the invite list.

online yoga at homeYour BFFs will obviously be the first ones invited to do online yoga at home with you. Depending on how things are working in your quarantine pod, they can come over and take an online power yoga class with you in-person, or you can simply sync up your schedules! 

But if we’re making it a party, why not shake things up? Expand your circle by extending a virtual invitation to that colleague who’s new to the office or to your kid’s friend’s mom who you’ve only casually waved hello to in the school pick-up line. (Online yoga for kids is pretty awesome, so invite the kids, too!)

Chances are that, like you, most of the people you know are looking for ways to get a full-body workout in at home, and hosting an online yoga party might give them just the solution they’re looking for! And while we’re getting wild with the guest list, you might even consider telling people to bring their pups along. We are talking about bulldog yoga, after all.

2. Put it on the big screen.

online yoga at homeWith our awesome selection of bulldog online classes, there are plenty of ways that you can structure your yoga party. Assuming you’ve already given online yoga at home with us a spin, we recommend that you build your get-together around a session featuring your favorite leader, or with a soundtrack that gets you especially psyched.

Once you’ve picked your class, send the link to all of your invitees and tell them what time you’ll be getting started. Encourage them to stream the class on the biggest screen possible! You’ll have all the benefits of practicing yoga in a brick and mortar studio, but everyone gets to be in the comfort of their own home, feeling totally safe. Wins everywhere!

3. Pump up the jams.

online yoga at homeHere’s a thing about us: we don’t pull any punches on the volume dial. We are not afraid to turn it up! And there’s good reason for it — according to a July 2019 article in The New York Times, researchers from the University of British Columbia at Okanagan recently proved that an up-tempo soundtrack can improve the experience that people have with high-intensity workouts like power yoga. This kind of music improves your physical and psychological response to exercise. It will boost your happiness, too! 

Basically, it’s time to turn the volume up on your online yoga at home. If you’re hosting your yoga party via Zoom, ask your guests to mute themselves so everyone can make the class itself loud and extra fun.

4. Give back!

Our favorite things around here are yoga and good music, but giving back to the community is also near the top of the list. You can bring that spirit to your yoga party by asking every guest doing online yoga at home with you to make a donation to an organization or cause that’s close to your heart.

If you want to make it really bulldog, you could also suggest that they contribute pet food or toys for a nearby animal shelter. There’s no reason you can’t get a great full body workout in while feeding your soul with a little community service.

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5. Throw in a dance party.

online yoga at home It wouldn’t be a bulldog experience or a party without a dance break, so make sure your guests get groovin’ to some great tunes either as a warm-up before your online yoga class or as a fun way to wind down when you wrap up your online yoga at home. For a remote yoga party, ask your guests to keep their Zoom rollin’ after class so you can DANCE!

When the beat rolls on into a dance party, your guests squeeze in that much more movement and will feel that much better about their full body workout. Need music inspo? Not a problem! Crank up the volume on any one of our many playlists to help get the party started.

The first step to turning online yoga at home into a party is, of course, lining up some awesome online classes. Check out our offerings here!

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