6 Other Activities That Yoga Will Help You Do Better

As if you needed another excuse to bulldog.

It should hardly come as a surprise that we love yoga for the sake of, well, yoga.

Yes, we know the benefits (and we tell you alllllll about them right here on the blog), but we also just love it because we think it’s great. It makes us feel good. We love the energy buzz we get after a bulldog class. It gives us an excuse to bop around to some great music and to take care of ourselves for a little while. Hey, we even kind of like the burn we get the day after a particularly tough practice!

If you’re still not totally convinced that yoga is — in and of itself — for you, we’re happy to report that getting into a yoga routine can also help you excel at other activities… some of which might surprise you. If any of the below are more your thing, we encourage you to up your yoga game. You’ll feel better in these other aspects of your life, too, and we have a sneaky feeling it will get you as addicted to yoga as we are.

1. Running

“Yoga and running are the Yin and Yang of fitness,” certified yoga instructor and Yogirunner.com owner Denise Thompson told Active. “They are not opposing forces, but complementary opposites that interact within a great whole.” We’re totally picking up what Thompson is laying down… and we’re happy to share the news with the runners out there who have been avoiding time on the mat! Yoga helps you engage major and minor muscle groups, while simultaneously lengthening muscles and improving flexibility. Together, all of these benefits will help you become a stronger runner and cut down the risk of injury.

2. Public Speaking

We can’t offer you any anatomical or physiological proof on this one, but we can tell you that yoga has been known to boost confidence. Couldn’t we all use a little more of that when it’s time to get up in front of a big group of people? Establishing a regular workout routine — and actually showing up for it on a consistent basis! — is a confidence lift in and of itself. Just wait until you start looking and feeling stronger! There will be absolutely no need to picture your audience in their underwear anymore… which is a good thing because, ew.

3. Spinning

Like many physical activities, spinning is a great way to increase core strength, and if you show up to spin class already comfortable engaging those muscles, you’re going to have a better, more effective workout. Yoga — the way we do it at bulldog, at least — is great for your core. All of that planking pays off!

4. Meditation

Mindfulness is where it’s at these days, and while we don’t do any om-ing or chanting in our classes, we’re very much in favor of anything that’s going to make our community feel their best and most successful. Maybe you’re looking to buy your very own meditation table (ohh they’re a thing) and start your practice or just looking to try online yoga classes. A few minutes of meditation a day can positively impact stress, anxiety, mood, and more, according to Headspace, but it can be a tough habit to get into. Because yoga helps foster body awareness and improve focus, it might be just the thing you need to get more comfortable with a low-key meditation habit. In addition to meditation, it might be a good idea to look into the art of mindfulness and discover how you can enjoy its rewards for the mind as well.

5. Weight Training

The flexibility you develop through yoga makes it the ideal complement for lifting weights, per DOYOUYOGA. Keeping your muscles limber is key to getting stronger, because it allows those muscles to stop fighting against each other while you’re working out. “Yoga sessions for better flexibility and mobility will improve the communication between your brain and muscles, making sure that the muscles are not competing against each other during weightlifting,” DOYOUYOGA notes. If you opt for a slower, more restorative Activate class, it will also help your muscles recover from regular heavy lifting so you can hit it hard on your next session.

6. Dancing

A bulldog class helps you get loose and comfortable with your body, which will obviously up the stakes on your dance moves. After a little time with us — in Villanova or Boulder, or via our app or online classes — you’ll also feel inspired to move, thanks to our awesome playlists. Rock on, bulldoggers.

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Featured image: Ev/Unsplash

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