7 Things You Should Be Giving Up

They're the anti-keys to success.

You’ve probably read a lot about what you should be doing to be more successful. But have you ever thought about what you should give up?

Good news, bulldog fam. We’ve thought about it — and, as always, we’re happy to share. Keep scrolling to read about the seven things we think you should seriously consider putting the kibosh on.

1. Snooze alarms. Every time you smack that clock (or, more likely, tap the app on your phone), it becomes harder to jumpstart the day… and a lot more tempting to snuggle deeper into those blankets. We’re not suggesting that everyone is a morning person (those first minutes after a deep sleep aren’t exactly our favorite, either), but we are saying that delaying the inevitable is possibly NOT the best approach. Why not choose a reasonable, realistic wake-up time and challenge yourself to resist the urge to snooze next time your alarm rings? Mornings are a great time to pick up momentum and set the tone for a productive, successful day. Hey, why not start with a morning bulldog yoga class online (at home!)?

2. Saying yes to everything. We know, we know — you’re trying to do it all, be everything to everyone, etc., etc. The truth is, though, that you’re never going to make every single person happy (despite the fact that you’re a total rock star), and the harder you try, the more you’ll burn out in the process. Cut yourself some slack! Instead of saying a big fat “yes” to every invitation, request, or demand, narrow your focus where possible so you can kick the you-know-what out of a smaller set of to-do list items.

3. Negative people. If you’re saying “this one doesn’t apply to me,” then feel free to skip to the next one — and to adopt us into your family and friend group at any point. For everyone else, consider how you might be able to distance yourself from the likely well-meaning — but still slightly toxic — people within your network. We don’t necessarily think that cutting yourself off entirely from self-obsessed friends or hurtful siblings is the answer, but redrawing the boundaries with people who are holding you back (or just driving you crazy) is going to give you back a ton of new energy that you didn’t even realize you were missing. Just think what you could accomplish if you weren’t so consumed with the dramz!

4. Making excuses. You’re too strong and cool to make excuses for not pursuing your successes. Give that shiz up, seriously. That’s all we have to say about that.

5. Wallowing. Thanks for the invite, but we won’t be attending the pity party. Successful people don’t spend too much time analyzing or considering their frustrations. Instead, they brush themselves off/rub some dirt in it/get back on the horse (insert your dad’s favorite metaphor for perseverance here) and move forward. If you’re struggling to pull yourself up by those bootstraps (OK, we’re done now), we highly suggest that you blast an awesome bulldog playlist and dance it out. There are few things that can’t be cured this way — and we can pretty much guarantee that this method is a lot more effective than feeling sorry for yourself. For all of the awesome music you’ll ever need, don’t forget to follow us on Spotify!

6. Mindless snacking. First of all, let’s be clear: we are in absolutely no way suggesting that snacks are inherently evil (honestly, we’re pretty big advocates of ice cream). We do know, however, that using food to help cope with something emotionally or to keep you occupied as you binge watch the latest season of Orange Is the New Black is not going to make you feel your most fabulous self in the long run. Pick your snacking battles wisely so you can enjoy every. last. bite of your favorite yummy vice — with absolutely no guilt. The way we feel about our bodies plays such a major role in the way we tackle the challenges life throws at us, and we want your confidence to be in tip-top shape so you can maximize your personal successes.

7. Wasting free time. You totally deserve the opportunity to binge watch the aforementioned season of Orange Is the New Black (with ice cream in hand, duh), but we also advise shaking up your down time routine now and then. Get out of the house, stretch those muscles, spend time with your most positive pals, try something new… are you picking up what we’re laying down? Taking better advantage of your free time will help you stay more engaged with what’s going on in your life — and it will help you appreciate your next TV marathon and ice cream sundae that much more.

For more tips on things successful people give up, check out the article that was the inspo for this post.

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Featured image: Seth Doyle/Unsplash

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