8 Reasons Why Power Yoga at Home Energizes Your Morning

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power yoga at home

You’ve probably heard that old saying about how the early bird always catches the worm. It’s a cute line and a not-so-subtle hint about the benefits of kicking off your day on the early side. And while we understand that not everyone can be a morning person, we have to tell you — we’re kind of on the side of the early birds. There’s nothing quite like knocking items off your to-do list within a few hours of waking up… and a workout is certainly no exception! And it’s not just about feeling good and productive, either! (Doing power yoga is pretty much guaranteed to boost your happiness.) There are plenty of real benefits to doing your power yoga at home in the morning, rather than later in the day.

Before we share those benefits, though, let’s just get something clear right away…

We’re not here to impose our early bird power yoga workout style or schedule on you!

power yoga at homeYes, we happen to think that a lot of the benefits we’re going to tell you about are very legit, but that doesn’t mean that morning is the only time you can reap the many health benefits of doing power yoga at home. One of the reasons we’re so psyched to be able to offer you on-demand power yoga workouts through bulldog online is that you can literally cue up a class whenever (and wherever) it works for you.

If these early morning benefits resonate with you, you’ll feel that much more motivated to get into those power yoga poses first thing in the AM. And if not? No worries. The classes will be there later on, too. (Don’t forget — there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re a power yoga beginner or have years of experience, there’s an online yoga class to get your heart pumpin’ and your body feeling stronger than ever.)

The experts at Harvard Health confirm that there’s no one “right” time to work out. Here’s how they sum it up…

Some people swear by morning workouts, because they squeeze them in before a busy schedule can derail their efforts. Morning exercise sessions may also help them move into their day feeling energized. But others dread the idea of dragging themselves out of bed early to hit the treadmill. Instead, they save their workout until the end of the day, when they feel more limber and can unwind. Who’s right? There really is no best time of day to get that workout done — just the best time for you.

power yoga at homeBasically, you do you. It’s that simple, bulldoggers. 

With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to the specific benefits of a morning workout. If you tend to do your power yoga at home in the AM, this list of benefits will validate your early bird status. And if you’re still looking for the ideal time to hit your mat for power yoga workouts, this may just inspire you to set your alarm a little earlier!

Here are the benefits of morning yoga workouts…

power yoga at home1. You’ll have fewer distractions.

We’re not sure how this plays out in your life, but in our experience, it seems like there are only more things to deal with as a day goes on. The longer you’re awake, the more people you’re encountering with needs to be tended to and the more items you add to your mental to-do list. As a result, it becomes harder and harder to focus on YOU. If you want to prioritize self-care (and we think you should), the earliest hours of the day might be your best bet for making it happen… and hitting the mat for a high-energy session of power yoga at home is a great way to practice self-care!

Planning your workout for the earliest hours of the day should ensure that you’ll have more control over your time. We can’t account for kiddos that wake up early or for a phone that’s buzzing with notifications as soon as the sun rises, but we do think that if you set your alarm nice and early — before your family gets up and before your colleagues start emailing — you’ll be able to tackle your power yoga workout without thinking about other things you could/should be doing.

2. You’ll have more energy.

A power yoga workout is no joke. By the end, you’ll be sweating and feeling strong and also feeling generally great. But having plenty of energy is key to getting the most out of any power yoga class (including the ones we offer in our online yoga classes).

While those initial moments after an early wake-up can feel pretty draggy, if a workout is the first thing on your list for the day, you’ll be able to tackle it with a little extra oomph. And every bit of energy counts when you’re coming in and out of power yoga poses!

Also — one of the many benefits of a regular yoga routine is increased energy. Early workouts will set you up for higher energy post-yoga so you can have the highest-energy day possible.

3. You may make healthier food choices for the rest of the day.

We’re all for treating ourselves to yummy snacks and we’re not big on restrictive diets. That being said, if you find that you’re struggling to consistently choose nutritious foods, a morning power yoga at home routine could be exactly what you need.

According to a 2018 study, people make healthier food choices after getting their fitness sessions in. The earlier in the day you work out, the more hours of well-rounded eating you have ahead of you! Hello, healthy desserts!

power yoga at home4. You’re setting yourself up for a better mood all day long!

If you’ve been hanging out with us for a while, you know all too well that the benefits of power yoga workouts extend far beyond the physical. There are benefits to your mental and emotional health, as well!

Per Harvard Health, replacing fifteen minutes of sitting with fifteen minutes of running or one hour of sitting with one hour of brisk walking can decrease the odds of depression by 26 percent. And little movements add up! According to the Harvard experts, even simple activities are good for your mood.

Why not set yourself up for a better mood all day by getting on your yoga mat for some power yoga at home right after you wake up?

power yoga at home5. You may sleep better.

It might be tricky to wrap your head around this one, since there can be so many hours between an early morning workout and bedtime. But it’s true!

The National Sleep Foundation confirms that morning workouts lead to deeper, longer, and higher-quality sleep. Nighttime workouts, on the other hand, can raise your body temperature and act as a stimulant, making it harder to snooze.

6. Morning workouts support weight management goals.

We’re big believers in the fact that every body can be a yoga body. We’re not here to tell anyone what number they should be seeing on the scale. As far as we’re concerned, a great exercise routine should be all about feeling your best and strongest.

If your personal goals for doing power yoga at home include weight loss or weight maintenance/management, it’s worth noting that exercising in the morning may go a long way for you. There are many studies to support that! To name a few…

  • This 2012 study confirms that exercise supports appetite management — if you work out early in the day, you may feel less hungry throughout the later hours
  • This 2013 suggests that exercising on an empty stomach (which you’re more likely to do if you do your power yoga workout in the morning) can burn up to 20 percent more fat than when a meal is eaten first

7. You’ll be building muscle more effectively.

Assuming one of your fitness goals is to build strength and muscles, exercising in the morning can be more effective than the alternatives. The National Institute for Fitness & Sport notes that testosterone levels are highest early in the day. With more testosterone in the mix, your bod is in its prime muscle-building state!

power yoga at home8. You’ll be more active for the rest of the day.

Looking to kickstart your day from morning ’til night? An early power yoga workout can give you the boost you need.

According to a 2012 study, morning fitness is associated with more movement throughout the day. If you’re trying to live a more active lifestyle, you might as well start early!

With these benefits in mind, why not try setting your alarm just a *little* earlier for power yoga at home? It might just change up your whole health regimen for the better!

Ready to take on a morning power yoga workout routine? Grab your custom workout plan to get the most out of your AM fitness session!

Featured image: OC Gonzalez/Unsplash; Salad image: Anna Pelzer/Unsplash; Bed image: Christopher Jolly/Unsplash

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