bulldog Gives Thanks

What our leaders are grateful for.

For the American bulldoggers out there, at least, it’s about to be Thanksgiving. Time to break out the pie recipes, gather the family, and start drinking. (What? We’re celebrating!) As the name of the holiday suggests, though, giving thanks is really supposed to be the main focus of the occasion — and whether or not you celebrate Turkey Day, we think this is a pretty great thing to do any day of the year.

But we’re not just telling you to do it. We’re here to walk our talk — turkey trot our turkey trot? — and tell you more about what we’re giving thanks for in the bulldog community. The list is practically endless, but we’ve asked some of our awesome leaders to take stock of what they’re grateful for in their own lives this November. Keep scrolling to read all the details!

(Then, you can make your own list. Over a glass of wine.)

“I am truly grateful for my ability to simply move, breathe, and function. As weird as it sounds, I’ve been honing in on how easy it is to not appreciate being able to take care of myself and do the things I love. I am so grateful to have the mind, body, and soul that permits me to be able to live life how I want. I am also grateful for love. Love keeps me thriving.” — Sophie Numbers
“I am grateful for my family, friends, job, and health.” — Andrea Soto-Innes 
“I’m grateful to be putting roots down in Colorado, building community, and generally living a dream life.” — Trevor Dye
“This year, I am most grateful for the relentless love and support of the bulldog family as I’ve been transitioning in as the studio manager! Also, I’m grateful for red wine and puppies, because they never disappoint.” — Sarah Woodward
“I am grateful for my family, my health, my dog Stella, and my bulldog family.” — Denali Lord
“I am grateful for the yoga community! Being around people that habitually choose wellness and treat themselves well — as well as people who set examples for me as yogis, leaders, mothers, and friends — has inspired me to bring my life into alignment. I’m so grateful to everyone to my right and my left on our mats!” — Jaden Ahrens 

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