bulldog recommends: August 2017

Last (summer) dance.

OK, so we have good news and we have bad news.

Everyone knows that when you ask for the good news first, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment, so like the realists (never pessimists!) that we are, we’re going to hit you with the bad news first.

Summer’s almost over.

Trust us — it gives us no satisfaction to remind you of this. We’re just as bummed. Summer 2017, you’ve been a good one.

And now for some better news:

Taylor Swift is finally rockin’ it out with us on Spotify

T, we are so glad you came to your senses a few weeks ago and decided to join us. We’ve loved getting our yoga on to your tracks this summer. And your exes have some pretty awesome beats, too (please don’t write a revenge song about us for saying so).

We’ve put together a swan song for (what we hope has been) a great summer: a list of ten tunes we’ve been loving here at bulldog lately. Naturally, Tay Tay makes an appearance, along with nine other artists across genres and decades. Check ’em out below!


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Featured image: Andre Hunter/Unsplash

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