Getting Beyond the “What If?”

The greatest of the beyonds.

It’s not like we’re the first ones to ever suggest that you try to avoid living your life based on questions of “what if?” 

Your friends have been telling you for years to stop making decisions out of the fear of what could happen.

Your S.O. has hardly made it a secret that life would be a hell of a lot more fun if you made the leap to actually do things instead of talking about what it would be like if you did them.

Your boss wants you to stop approaching your job in terms of hypotheticals and just go for it with that new lead or idea.

We might not be the first ones to suggest it, but we know we have a strong point, so resist the urge to roll your eyes and go back to scrolling through your Twitter feed. Hear us out.

Yoga has taught us a few things. It’s taught us that our cores are stronger than we ever realized and that everything’s better with music. It’s taught us to welcome an adjustment when we’re not quite sure where to put our feet and to drink plenty of water before class. It’s also taught us that when we stop questioning ourselves and just do the next thing that’s in front of us, we’re often surprised by how much we’re actually capable of.

When the bulldog leaders take us through a flow, the poses don’t always seem easy. But we’re keeping up with the beat and vibing with our yoga fam and we don’t spend a lot of time thinking, “What would happen if I can’t do that next thing?” We try it! If we pull it off, we don’t congratulate ourselves too much, and if we fall short, we’re that much closer to nailing it next time.

The same is true in life. Things work better when you’re keeping up with the beat, vibing with the people around you, and not questioning your abilities or your capacity to — and we do hate this word — fail

There’s a lot waiting on the other side of “what if?”: professional triumphs, a healthier body, deeper relationships, and big adventures that you may have never even predicted for yourself. Hey, you might just feel a little less tormented about every move you make — and doesn’t that sound like a big win in itself?

Pushing beyond “what if?” requires trusting yourself and a whole lot of momentum. Just keep doing the next thing that’s in front of you, bulldoggers. Before you know it, the “what if?” might even totally disappear.

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