Here’s How Yoga Helps You Fight Cravings

At least... until you want to give in.

Cravings. No one’s above ’em.

Mid-afternoon rolls around and you can think of nothing but a platter of chips and salsa. You’ve barely finished dinner and you already feel what seems like a genuine need for chocolate chip cookies. At nearly every minute of the day, you dream of digging a spoon straight into a jar of peanut butter .

(Sorry. If you didn’t have cravings before, we definitely just inspired some.)

There’s nothing wrong with having a craving… or with indulging them now and then. It’s no secret that we enjoy snacking as much as you do around here. And we don’t even feel guilty about it, especially if we can satisfy the craving itch with a healthy dessert!

Still, there are times when you just know that you want to stay above your craving. There may not be anything wrong with eating that bag of chips you’ve been thinking about, but if you know that you’re only doing it because your cravings feel out of control — not because you really want it — you might feel icky after the fact.

The good news is that yoga can actually help you fight cravings! As if you needed another reason to grab your mat…

“Cravings and addictions have to do with not being in the present moment and often not wanting to be,” Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles wrote on MindBodyGreen. “Yoga is all about being in the present moment and paying attention to what is going on with you, right now. Dealing with it is more useful in… facing cravings than mindlessly masking our feelings with food.”

Mindfulness and meditation have been proven equally effective in fighting cravings, but even if you lean toward our more athletic, high-energy brand of yoga, you’ll find that your practice can help put a damper on them. As you check out more and more classes (remember — you can do this online or via our app!), you’ll become more aware of and comfortable in your body. You’ll learn how to breathe more effectively. And if you find yourself joining us for a particularly challenging class, you’ll learn that sometimes, all you can do is focus on what your physical self is doing and try to make it through in one piece. (Yeah, sometimes it gets pretty intense.)

All of these skills can serve you well next time you’re actively trying to fight a craving. The more in tune you are with your body, the more naturally you’ll be able to tell the difference between actually being hungry for something and simply wanting a snack. You’ll also figure out new ways to distract from a craving that you’re trying to avoid. Refocusing on your breath is a great way to do this!

Trust us — we’re the last ones to tell you that you need to ignore all of your cravings. Life’s too short! Still, if you are trying to avoid falling prey to certain treats, we’re happy to say we can help you do it.

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Featured image: Fischer Twins/Unsplash; Chips and salsa image: Jessica To’oto’o/Unsplash

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