Laugh at These Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids – 2019 Edition

The best DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019

Halloween is great for all ages!

Especially parents because they get to dress their kids up 🙂

It’s also great for people who like to be scared. They can go to haunted houses and dress in scary costumes. People who aren’t so into being spooked can go to parties and trick-or-treat in costumes that are funny or showcase their interests. 

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably already thinking about clever or funny Halloween costumes for your kids. If you’ve done funny costumes in the past, you may even feel a little pressure to top last year’s costume.

The struggle is real! 

DIY Halloween costumes for kids are usually the most fun.

I mean, we all know how hard it can be to think of funny Halloween costumes, especially when you’re trying to impress a little and even make people laugh.


Here are Our 10 Best Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

Some of the best kids’ Halloween costume ideas are well-known or overdone Others are so obscure that no one will get the references.

Well, sometimes you’ve really got to toe the line. 

Lucky for you, we’ve collected some costume ideas you can use to DIY your costumes or to get you started brainstorming costumes to buy.

There’s no shame in that game!

So check em out and maybe even snag a costume idea for your Halloween 2019.


1)  Little Old Ladies (or Gentlemen)

These funny Halloween costumes are great for little ones who aren’t the best walkers…. yet.

And the clothes are easy to pull together!

Go with gingham or plaid dresses, cardigans, khaki pants, and button-up plaid shirts. Use soft, gray yarn to make a wig. You can sew it to an elastic baby headband to keep it in place for trick-or-treating. Toddlers still waiting for their hair to grow in can even rock the bald look!

Some toddlers may tolerate plastic eyeglasses (with no lenses) in them, but if your kids don’t like having anything on their faces, that’s cool, too. You can complete the look with a pint-sized walker with tennis balls on its back feet. You’ve officially made one of our favorite kids Halloween costume ideas.

Your little one will look adorable as a little old lady or man, plus the walker will help keep them stable as they walk from house to house stealing candy and attention!


2)  Superman in Disguise

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019

Who wants to blend in as any old Superman when they can be a Superman in disguise instead? 

A pair of black pants and a white button-up shirt will give Clark Kent the perfect look. Leave the white shirt unbuttoned over a Superman t-shirt. You can find Clark Kentstyle glasses without lenses to help your trick-or-treater disguise who he really is, and even use hair gel creates the signature hair curl. Before you know it, you’ll have a secret superhero to go trick-or-treating with all night! 

This can work with many other superheroes, as well. Rule number-one for your kiddo? Don’t reveal your identity! 


3)   Gnomes

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019*Source

Take advantage of your child’s short stature and dress them as a garden gnome for Halloween this year! You can easily make a dress or tunic and belt out of felt for these funny Halloween costumes, and put them over a long-sleeved white shirt and black pants. 

Make a cone hat out of poster board and cover it with red felt, then use a piece of elastic to make a chin strap. 

If you want, you can use white elastic and white yarn to make a beard for your gnome, too. But good luck getting them to stand as still as real garden statue gnomes.

Do you know where the tradition of garden gnomes comes from?


4)  Red Riding Hood (and the Wolf) *TRY IT*

If you have a dog that likes to go trick-or-treating, dress your tot as Little Red Riding Hood and your dog as the Wolf… disguised as Grandma, of course. As a pair, these two will take the cake for funny Halloween costumes! 

A red dress, hooded cape, and basket will complete Red Riding Hood’s look. A wicker basket is a great accessory and will be useful for collecting candy.. Give the Wolf a floral nightgown and “old lady wig” to complete the pair’s DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Who can resist an adorable Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma/Wolf? 

Bonus points if someone in your fam dresses up as the Woodsman, too.


5)  Stick Figures

This is a  simple, creative DIY Halloween costume for kids. With a black shirt and pants — along with some battery-powered LED rope lights — you can make a glow-in-the-dark stick figure costume for a child of any age.

Attach the rope lights to the shirt and pants to create the stick figure’s body, arms, and legs. Then, create a “halo” around the child’s face (but not attached to it!) using rope lights and a hanger bent to the right shape. When the lights go out, only the rope lights will be visible, and your child will look just like a stick figure! 

One of the advantages of this costume is that the lights will make it easy for your child to be seen when they’re out in the dark.

You can say goodbye to your worries of losing them!


6)  Baby in a Bubble Bath*Source

If you’re taking a child trick-or-treating in a stroller, you can make the stroller work for you as part of the costume. 

Just put a shower cap on your baby and cover the stroller with “bubbles” (Aka – inflated white balloons). 

Fill in any spaces with white tulle. If you’re concerned about having the balloons so close to your little one, use tulle exclusively and skip the balloons.

This is an easy way to create a mobile bubble bath and a costume for your baby. He’ll be riding in style from house to house all evening.

This could work with a wagon instead of a stroller, too!


7)  Zombie Baby

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019*Source

If you have a baby and a front baby carrier, you can transform your baby into a zombie and yourself into your baby’s first meal! 

Use baby-friendly face paint for some messy blood around the baby’s mouth and hands. Put the little one in the carrier, then put an oversized and “blood-stained” (with red fabric paint!) shirt over you and the baby. Rip a hole in the shirt so baby can pop out of your “belly.” 

People will wonder if your zombie baby has been snacking on you from the inside out.



8)  A Fart Cloud

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019*Source

A child with the right sense of humor will really appreciate this fart cloud costume.

Pin bunches of green and brown tulle to a black long-sleeved shirt and black pants until it looks like a cloud. Pin some more on a knit cap, and the costume is done!

Since the majority of this costume is covered with tulle, you can adapt the clothes underneath based on the weather. Your child can wear short sleeves if it’s warm or heavier clothing if it’s chilly. 

The cloud will move with your child as they go trick-or-treating. We’re pretty confident they’ll come up with some good sound effects to go with it as they go. 


9)  Mini-Meteorologist

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019*Source

This one seems simple enough but is such a cute and easy DIY costume idea for any kid (especially if you didn’t come up with a Halloween costume or need a last-minute idea).

Keep it simple with dress pants and a windbreaker to start. You can make a microphone out of a paper towel roll, some crafting foam, and black paint. Cut the foam into the shape of the microphone head, glue it to the paper towel roll, and paint the whole thing black.

Give your child the microphone and an umbrella that’s been bent to look like it’s blown inside out.

You might also consider putting a necktie on your child and pinning it to the shoulder of the windbreaker (or shirt) to look like it’s blowing in the wind. 


10)  The “Price is Right” Contestant

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019*Source

If you don’t have much time to put funny Halloween costumes together, this is the option you’ve been looking for. 

Use yellow construction paper and a black marker to make a price tag-shaped name tag. To make the bid display for your child’s costume, cut a rectangle using poster board or cardboard. Cover it in green construction paper and use gray construction paper to make a frame around the outer edge. Write your child’s “bid” on the display with a yellow paint pen or marker in digital-style numbers. Use a string to tie the bid around your child’s neck, and your child will be ready to come on down!

This kids Halloween costume idea is especially nostalgic if you decide to channel the Bob Barker version of the show (instead of theDrew Carey one).

Either way, it will be hilarious! 


Make this 2019 Halloween with your kids one to remember!

Halloween is a great time of year for kids, and not just because of the candy. 

So, I know we already did Superman in disguise, but how stinkin’ cute is he!?!

Funny Halloween Costumes for Kids 2019

Okay, okay – That was the last one!

When you find funny Halloween costumes for kids that you can make, you’re creating good memories for your kids and enjoying the season yourself.

Whether you decide to use one of these funny Halloween costumes or come up with your own clever idea, the goal should always be to enjoy Halloween. 

With the right costume, you and your child will be able to make great memories and set the bar high for next year’s costume. No pressure, though!


What was your kid’s favorite Halloween costume?  Which ideas should we mention next Halloween?

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