Leader Spotlight: Jennifer Ranoia


When you practice a certain routine on a literally daily basis, that routine just becomes part of who you are.

You brush your teeth every morning when you wake up — because of that, you’re a person with fresh breath and generally good dental hygiene.

You prioritize breakfast every day, too — because of that, you’re a breakfast eater.

You show up to your office on time consistently — because of that, you own whatever your professional title is.

Day in and day out, you’re busting your butt to get the kids to their activities and make sure they thrive — because of that, you’re an awesome parent.

Every night, you treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream — and because of that, you are the proud owner of an active sweet tooth.

See how that works? Whatever it is, when it happens every day, it becomes a part of your identity, however small.

Whether she’s in front of a class or not, Villanova leader Jennifer Ranoia makes a daily habit of getting on her mat  (seriously, she does it every day), which has made her love of yoga an important piece of the awesome person she is. Keep scrolling to learn more about what activates, invigorates, and exhilarates her.

What activates me: I love waking up early and getting a good strong, sweaty yoga practice in every day. My motto (and go-to hashtag!) is #yogaeverydamnday.

What invigorates me: I feel invigorated when I’m leading a yoga  class in a packed house. I love turning up the music (especially when it’s country) and sensing the energy coming at me from the yogis in the room. It’s such an adrenaline rush!

What exhilarates me: It’s an exhilarating feeling to be able to give guests an hour to escape their busy days and busy routines, and to encourage them to push themselves to focus on their minds, bodies, and spirits!

Check out our class schedule to find out when you can practice with Jennifer next!

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