Love Is Love

Is love is love is love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, bulldoggers! If you’re pro-Valentine’s, we hope you’re blissfully snacking on chocolate-covered strawberries, sipping on something bubbly, and spending good QT with the people you love the most. If you fall more in the anti-Valentine’s camp, that’s cool, too. You can still eat the good food, drink the good drinks, hang with your loved ones, and look forward to the day that Cupid is no longer part of the equation.

Regardless of your Valentine’s Day opinions, we think it’s important that we all remember that this can be celebrated as a season of love. It doesn’t have to be about red roses or conversation hearts (RIP). Why not just make it a moment to do a general happy dance in honor of whatever kind of love you have in your life?

We’re not just talking about romantic love, either.

Love is love.

Pop bottles this month to celebrate your love for your parents, your love for your pets, your love for your siblings, your love for your career. Take the opportunity to appreciate the love you have for ice cream, travel, dance parties, friends, and yoga. And, hey, we certainly aren’t going to be the ones to judge you if you’re having a love affair with sleeping in or whatever it is that you’re binge watching on Netflix these days. If you love it, it’s all good. 

The phrase “love is love” has seen its fair share of politicization over the last few years, and while we’re not about to quite go there, we do suggest the following this Valentine’s Day season: why don’t we all just embrace every last little kind of love? At its heart (pun intended), love is all goodness and positivity, and we should use it to keep the good vibes going whenever possible.

A few easy examples…

Resist the urge to judge your friend’s new significant other on a first impression. Why not give them a shot? If your pal loves the person (or even really, really likes them), celebrate it. Love is love.

Stop making yourself feel guilty for loving “bad” reality TV or those snack packs of cookies you buy to put in your kids’ lunchboxes. Enjoy those guilty pleasures! Love is love. 

Start embracing all the weird complexity of your relationships with your family. It’s rarely simple when it comes to relatives, and no matter how much you fight or disagree with your parents or siblings, that love is still there. Love is love. 

Do whatever you can to seek out positivity around you. Yes, the world at large can feel a little crummy sometimes, but there’s love to be found in the most random of places. And no matter where you find it, you can celebrate it. Why? Because love is love. 

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Heart image: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash 

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