Never Blend In

At bulldog, we believe in finding inspiration in our daily lives. When you pay attention to the subtle details in your all-too-familiar surroundings, you can find amazing things: gentle encouragement, a reason to have a little extra appreciation for the world around you, and food for thought.

A member of our bulldog family stumbled upon the image you see above on a side street in London.


The chalk artist who wrote this message on some unassuming pavement wanted to inspire passerby to be bold in their own lives, to walk their own path, and to fearlessly pursue their passions. How great is that?

We love the idea of someone we’ve never met writing this mantra (multiple times!). This artist had no guarantee that anyone would notice it or appreciate it — they simply wanted to spread a little love and positivity. Well, we did notice it, and we appreciate this stranger’s vote of confidence that we can choose to be our authentic selves no matter what’s happening in the rest of the crowd.

We hope you seek out these messages as you go about your own daily routines — and that you’ll feel inspired to look for opportunities to spread a little extra encouragement, even to a stranger. It’s one of many ways that we bulldogs can choose to never blend in.

How are you choosing to never blend in? Share your thoughts on Facebook + Twitter!


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