Protect Your Magic

Hold on to that special sauce.

“Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic!”

When a bulldogger passed this billboard on a building not so long ago, they had no choice but to stop and snap a photo.

Could you resist this photo op?

It’s not just about that millennial pink wall and the beautifully drawn stars and the eye-catching lettering. It’s not even about the contrast of all that coolness with the blue sky above. It’s about those words. Those words cut us straight to the core.

Stay in your magic. Stay in your freakin’ magic.

When was the last time someone reminded you to stay in your magic? It’s probably been a while, right? People use words like “confidence” and “self-esteem” and even “authenticity,” but magic is something different altogether.

Staying in your magic — and protecting it — is all about figuring out what makes you extra special and not letting anyone (not your spouse, not your mom, not your boss, not your kids, and not even your Instagram friends) mess with it. It’s more than confidence, because it requires you to get real comfortable, real fast with who you are beyond how you present yourself to the world.

And it’s not like that’s easy to do. We get it. But we have some ideas to help you along the journey of keeping that pixie dust or special sauce or whatever else you want to call it close to your chest.

Here are some (magical) suggestions…

  • Take control of your social media network. The last thing that Instagram or Facebook should be doing is making you feel like you’re less interesting or less beautiful or less magical than anyone else. Cracking down on who you follow is a great first step in protecting your all-important magic. You’ll be amazed how much better the world of social media feels when you’re not constantly being hit with images that make you question who you are.
  • Get creative. Maybe being a good artist or musician or writer isn’t technically part of your personal magic, but who ever said that should stop you from doodling or belting out your favorite song or writing in your journal? (If anybody ever did say that, you can just consider them wrong. Let them know we said so.) Doing something creative now and then will give you a chance to experience a new part of who you are so you can live that out at other moments, too.
  • Bring your favorite people together. Sometimes, all it takes to really celebrate your magic is to gather the people who make you feel magical. Pick up a couple of bottles of wine, set out some snacks, and put the kibosh on any conversation that doesn’t feel positive (that means gossip has to go out the window, at least temporarily!). You’ll walk away feeling refreshed and ready to take life on with your special sauce intact.
  • Find a place that feels like yoursMaybe it’s a trail near your house where you can let go of all your energy with a refreshing walk or run. Maybe it’s a cozy nook in your basement where you can cuddle up with a good book. Maybe it’s the restaurant that serves your favorite cocktail. And maybe it’s one of our bulldog studios! Wherever it is, it should be a space that makes you feel your best, most real self. With a place like this on your side, you’ll always find a way to get back to your specialness in a super tangible way.

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“In pursuit of magic” image: Karly Santiago/Unsplash

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