This Place Makes Other Yoga Studios in Boulder Look Boring

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Yoga Studios in Boulder

Yoga studios in Boulder tend to be fairly somber experiences, because they stress mindfulness and whole health.

While those are wonderful objectives to strive for, it can certainly be a somewhat joyless experience along the way. That’s fine if you’re the type of student who just wants to approach yoga from a serious standpoint, and not add any excitement or pleasure into the mix.

The majority of yoga studios in Boulder will help you to accomplish your goals alright, but it might feel like every other yoga studio in Boulder.

That will definitely not be the case at Bulldog Yoga, one of the few yoga studios in Boulder where you can achieve your yoga objectives, and have loads of fun while you’re doing it.


What makes this Boulder yoga experience different?

One of the biggest differences you’ll notice about Bulldog Yoga is that all of our classes are accompanied by music which is appropriate to the type of class being conducted. As Beethoven once famously said, “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”

We heartily agree with that sentiment, and for that reason we have a musical playlist prepared for each class. This allows our participants to fully appreciate both the spiritual and the sensual part of their yoga experience.

Whereas most yoga studios in Boulder emphasize the spiritual aspect of the yoga practice, we like to include both aspects, so as to provide a fuller, more dynamic experience to all our attendees.


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Yoga classes for beginners all the way to advanced yogis

Our yoga studio in Boulder is located in Downtown Boulder on Pearl Street offers classes that are perfect for both beginners all the way up to expert yogis.

Whether you are new or you’re been to a studio before, data has proved that yoga is a great way to improve your physical health as well as your mental health.

A study at the University of Cincinnati found that:

“Yoga was an effective complementary treatment for clinical depression.”

If you’ve never been to a yoga class before, our Bulldog Basics class will help initiate you into the wonderful world of yoga. You’ll learn about the beginning poses, and the basic breathing techniques, all the while listening to music which will enhance your mood, and add enjoyment to the class.

Yoga Studios in BoulderIf you’re a more advanced student of the practice, you may want to enroll in our Exhilarate Class, which will challenge most participants with greater physical requirements. You’ll also be using more advanced poses and more difficult breathing techniques, that will help you to meet those physical challenges.

Regardless of the level of yoga which you’re presently at, you’ll find just the right level for you at Bulldog Yoga.

We can help evaluate your progress, and recommend the right class level for you, so you aren’t bored and so you are satisfied with the level of instruction.

Find out which class is right for you here.


How often should you do yoga?

We’ll tell you a secret.

For most people, the ideal number of yoga sessions which you should engage in is somewhere between three to five a week.

Yoga Studios in BoulderBulldog yoga studios in Boulder offer classes daily, so you’ll have no trouble participating in as many sessions as you prefer.

The reason that the three-to-five rule of thumb works for most people is that it provides you with time for your body to recover from some of the stretching exercises and the stress placed on your muscles.

If you don’t provide sufficient recovery time for your body, it’s very easy to cause damage to muscles, joints, and tissues of the body which are used in yoga.

Each of your sessions should last between one-half hour and an hour, in order for you to get the most out of your workouts.

But in the end, it is up to you. Listen to your body and do what you feel comfortable.


Use yoga for flexibility boosting (and strength gaining)

Yoga encourages your body to go through every possible range of motion, and that will eventually contribute to your overall flexibility.

While yoga is not considered an overly athletic activity, there are some forms of yoga which will definitely make you sweat, like an Exhilarate Class.

When you go through power sessions at yoga studios in Boulder, greater stretching of muscles and joints will allow you to move into specific poses more deeply. You will then achieve even greater benefits from the yoga activity.

The more you test the limits of your body in these kinds of poses, the greater will be the flexibility benefit which you gain from them.

As for strength training benefits

The Department of Health and Human Services released a new set of physical activity guidelines for 2015-2020 and directly recommends strength-training all your major muscle groups twice a week.

Yoga Studios in Boulder

If you dive a little deeper into the extended version of the HHS guidelines, you’ll find that “some yoga postures” are mentioned specifically as an option for strength training.

And once you start adding free weights and bands, the possibilities for strength building are endless!


4 breathing exercises to keep in mind when you’re doing yoga

There are a number of different breathing techniques used in yoga studios in Boulder, and some will depend on your level of expertise.

One fun breathing technique is known as The Lion’s Breath, and this involves inhaling deeply before leaning backward and exhaling loudly – while sticking out your tongue.

Yoga Studios in Boulder1)  The Breath of Fire

This is a great breathing method used for warming up your abdominal muscles.

2)  The Skull Cleanser

This exercise is similar to the Breath of Fire, but places greater emphasis on the exhale, including a raised-arms motion to the process.

3)  Three-Part Breathing

This one’s great for relieving anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and it’s a great way to end your yoga session.

4)  Alternate Nostril Breathing

is just what it sounds like, and calls for breathing through only one nostril at a time. This one can be used when you’re trying to achieve greater focus, because you really have to pay attention to remember where you are in the process.

These will help the next time you’re on your mat working through your flows.

And breathing techniques aren’t just for us adults, here are some fun breathing exercises for kids. These can be very effective for those dealing with asthma and other respiratory issues


Ever thought about using yoga for weight loss?

There are several ways that yoga can be used to assist with weight loss.

And Donald Hensrud, M.D. with the Mayo Clinic agrees:

“Yoga may be a useful addition to an overall weight-loss plan that includes regular aerobic exercise and a calorie-controlled, healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and other plant products.”

Achieving greater mindfulness through yoga can help you more become more aware of what your body really needs in terms of ingesting foods and drinks. That will help you to become more selective, and to avoid foods with little or no nutritional value.

Yoga can also help you to sleep better, and that is also a contributor to weight loss.

People who visit yoga studios in Boulder regularly tend to have a better night’s sleep. They don’t wake up feeling weak or disoriented, which often leads to eating more than is necessary.

One of the biggest ways that yoga can contribute to weight loss is through calorie burning. The most active forms of yoga are the ones which are best for losing weight, and these are fun yoga workouts that Bulldog Yoga is built on.

With music playlists you’ll love working out to

Yoga Studios in Boulder

Any of these three forms of yoga will keep you moving almost constantly, and that’s terrific for burning calories. In addition to the constant movement, experienced practitioners of yoga will develop strong muscle tone, and it will provide a boost to metabolism.

With the level of your metabolism increased, your calorie burning will be turned up, too.


The power of meditation in your yoga classes

If anything, over the last several decades people’s lives have become far more complicated, and therefore more stresses are involved. It happens for many people that even when they’re ready for bed, they can’t unwind from the stresses of the day.

When you take those stresses and anxieties to bed with you, you really don’t get a restful night’s sleep, and that means you’re not ready for the next day.

Science has proven that there are a number of benefits from meditation which can include reducing stress, controlling anxiety, and improving emotional health along with many others.

yoga studios in BoulderMeditation will allow you to retain images for longer periods of time, and it will help you process information more efficiently.

And to each their own. Meditation comes down to personal preference.

Just do what feels right to you!


6 Fun yoga poses for 2 people to try

Yoga positions for two can be great fun, while also providing a tremendous benefit to both participants.

After your workout or if you can’t make it to your yoga studios in Boulder, maybe give these a try.

yoga studios in Boulder1)  Downward-facing dog (Shown Above)

Start in a Downward-Facing Dog position, one in front of the other. The one in front of the other will walk her feet and hands back until she is able to step her feet up to the back of the partner’s hips and coming to a stable and comfortable position. You can hold the pose for five to seven breaths. To come out, the one in down dog should wait for the partner to walk forward with her hands and gently step off her back. Take child’s pose for a few breaths before swapping.

2)  Seated Cat/Cow Pose 

One very popular pose for two is the Seated Cat/Cow Pose, which begins with both people sitting cross-legged and facing each other. Both persons reach out and take hold of the other’s forearms, inhale deeply, and rock back and forth, before arching their backs and lifting their heads skywards.

3)  The Seated Spinal Twist

This begins the same way as the previous pose, except that participants have their backs facing each other. Each partner will then cross their arms and take hold of the other person’s wrists. One partner twists to the right, pulling the companion in that direction, and then the partner does the opposite, so that both directions are covered.

4)  The Bound Angle Pose

This pose starts with both participants sitting back to back on a comfortable mat. One partner then bends forward while keeping knees bent, back straight, and hands grasping the feet, with arms outside the legs. The other partner then leans against the partner’s back, with their chest extended, knees bent, arm spread out, and feet together. Both partners breathe for a while in this pose, and then they switch positions.

5)  The Yab Yum Pose

The so-called Yab Yum Pose means ‘mother-father’ in Tibetan, and starts with the stronger partner sitting cross-legged on a mat. The other partner must then sit on top of the first partner’s thighs, with ankles crossed behind the back of the partner on the mat. Both partners must keep their backs straight with foreheads touching, and breathing in unison.

6)  The Boat Pose for Two

This one begins with the two partners facing each other in a seated position. Each one grasps the other’s wrists, and with knees bent, they press the bottoms of their feet against the souls of their partner’s feet. Both partners will then try to straighten up their legs, and move slightly forward, into the shape of a W.


Come experience something different from those other traditional yoga studios in Boulder

Most yoga studios in Boulder are very somber places, where people attend and have long, serious faces. That’s not what we’re about at Bulldog Yoga.

yoga studios in BoulderWe try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we also expect to get the most out of any yoga session we get into.

Whether your goal is just to get a good stretch, to get more in touch with your inner self, or to be really challenged in a yoga workout, we have just the right class for you.

Our whole philosophy is to make yoga more accessible to the masses, rather than some deep, mysterious activity that only the mystics can participate in.

We want everyone to enjoy the powerful benefits provided by regularly participating in yoga, including greater awareness of self, and being in better touch with your physical and mental processes.

Are you curious about online yoga classes? Click Here to see the top ones.


Yoga is about a strong commitment to improving your overall health

The entire Bulldog community is mutually supportive, and provides an uplifting attitude to help all members enjoy the experience.

Bulldog Yoga aims to offer more than those other yoga studios in Boulder.

You’ll enjoy your yoga sessions in accompaniment to music playlists which have been selected carefully to complement the mood of the particular class you’re attending.

Give something new a try.


Which class type is best for you?





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