10 Great Places for Outdoor Yoga Workouts

Get flowin' in the great outdoors.

yoga workouts

Thanks to social distancing and stay home orders, there are many aspects of life that look very different for all of us these days. In order to ensure health and safety for the greater population, we’re all learning to adapt our rhythms and routines, to get creative and be a little more flexible than we would normally in order to make the best of a challenging situation. Even the way we do our yoga workouts has had to change!

As weather improves and summer inches closer for many bulldoggers (goodbye, winter blues!), though, there’s a big opportunity to make those yoga workouts better than ever before by taking them outside.

yoga workoutsThat’s right, all you cats and kittens — thanks to online yoga classes, you can take your yoga workouts pretty much anywhere… and get some fresh air in the process.

If the sheer novelty of practicing yoga outside isn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, maybe some expert opinions about its advantages will do the trick. According to Harvard Health, spending time outside has a slew of benefits, including higher Vitamin D intake, improved concentration, and faster recovery from injuries. Outdoor exercise — including yoga workouts, of course — can also be good for your mental health. Harvard Health references several studies that indicate a relationship between exercising in the fresh air and better moods.

In this unprecedented period of social distancing and isolation, it’s also hard to overestimate the importance of (safely) getting a change of scenery whenever possible. Bringing your yoga workouts outdoors — even if it’s only getting you as far as your backyard! — gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits of online yoga classes.  And, getting outside just may go a long way toward keeping you from getting totally stir crazy.  And…

Especially because… there’s an app for that!

If you’re ready to take your yoga workout outside, a yoga app might be the way to go. It makes your yoga super portable and accessible from pretty  much anywhere. There are plenty of great apps to choose from, although we’re admittedly partial to the bulldog yoga app. It was rated one of the best yoga apps out there by Oprah Magazine, so we have good reason to be confident you’ll love it!


online yoga workouts


Does the idea of an outdoor yoga workout sound appealing? Consider any of these ten locations for your next online yoga flow! (Please remember to observe all relevant social distancing rules while you’re at it.) 

1. Your backyard

yoga workoutsThere’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple, so let’s start with an easy one — your backyard! Setting up your mat there will be a great reminder of how accessible an outdoor yoga workout can really be. Plus, your whole family might get inspired to join in. How fun would that be?

2. Your neighborhood

yoga workoutsIf you’re considering an outdoor yoga workout, anyway, why not make it a neighborhood affair? Chances are you’re not the only one on the block who’s craving a little fresh air and workout motivation.

Reach out to a few neighbors via text, email, or social media and let them know that you’re planning a socially distant yoga session. Invite them to join in! You could even send them a link to an online yoga class to get everyone on the same page.

Pick a time for everyone to come out on their front yards and get moving with a yoga workout together. It may be the closest thing to a block party you get for a while… and you’ll get some blood flowing in the process!

3. At the beach

yoga workoutsThese days, there’s a lot of variability in terms of which beaches are open and what you’re allowed to do on the ones that are open. If you’re lucky enough to spend time at the beach this summer, you might as well give an oceanfront yoga workout a try.

Close your eyes and picture being on your mat with the sound of the waves crashing nearby. Sounds pretty magical, right?

4. On a hike

yoga workoutsHiking is a fantastic activity during this time of social distancing because it allows you to get out of the house while maintaining a healthy, well, distance from others. It’s also great exercise!

Add an extra element of fitness to your next hike by incorporating a yoga workout along the way. Find a spot on the journey that really inspires you and break out some of your favorite yoga moves there.

5. At a park

If you can’t safely or easily find your way to a beach or hiking path this summer but still want a change of scenery for an outdoor yoga workout, there’s absolutely nothing lame about practicing in a local park! Find a shady spot to drop your mat and go for it. When you’re done, your mat might make the perfect spot for an outdoor snooze!

6. By the pool

yoga workoutsCan’t get to the beach but still want the experience of yoga near the water? Practicing yoga poolside might be more accessible! Social distancing near the pool is also likely to be easier than social distancing at the beach.

If you have a pool yourself or if you have friends or other loved ones who are kind enough to invite you to enjoy their pool, you might as well get a yoga workout going on the pool deck! You’ll have a great way to cool off if you work up a sweat, too.

7. At a BBQ

yoga workoutsSlowly but surely, people are beginning to safely socialize again. If you’re at the point where you can do this without violating any of the safety orders in place where you live, we’re willing to bet that there’s a BBQ in your future.

Get your loved ones pumped up and moving at any casual outdoor get-together by suggesting a yoga workout! After weeks of being stuck inside, we’re pretty confident that at least one or two others will be excited to participate in some fun fitness with you… especially if you can crank up the volume on an awesome playlist to get the energy up.

8. While supervising a playdate

When your kids start to emerge from being stuck inside, it’s time for you to join them. We’re not suggesting you be uncool and actually join them (embarrassing!) — instead, grab your mat and get a yoga workout going nearby. You’ll still be practicing responsible parenting and getting in some good exercise while you’re at it.

9. On your deck or porch

yoga workoutsNot feeling quite ready to venture too far from home? No worries! Thanks to online yoga classes, you can still get your yoga workout going — and some fresh air, too — without traveling as far as your yard. Baby steps!

10. Wherever you feel inspired!

yoga workoutsLet’s just tell the truth: this has been a tough time for all of us. Everyone deserves to be a little kinder to themselves than usual and to pay a little extra attention to their emotional health.

With that in mind, find an outdoor space that just makes you feel calm, good, happy, and every other good adjective… and do your yoga workout there. One of the best things about yoga is that you can bring it with you anywhere — and thanks to online classes, you can even bring a class with you anywhere! Why not take advantage of that?

Now that you’ve picked the perfect outdoor spot for your yoga workout, check out these classes!

Sky image: Kumiko SHIMIZU/Unsplash; Backyard image: Martin Knīze/Unsplash; Yoga beach image: Mor Shani/Unsplash; Yoga deck image: Avrielle Suleiman/Unsplash

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