Social Distancing Tips: Dealing with Anxiety, Sadness & Depression

Chin up, bulldoggers!

social distancing

Do you experience anxiety, sadness, or depression? If so, you know how tough it can be to devote attention to those feelings! And guess what? They deserve your attention. 

social distancingNo matter how little time you have available for self-care, it’s vital to give yourself space to heal and work through the feelings you have on a daily basis. Keep scrolling to learn more about a few strategies for dealing with the mental health concerns that are getting you down! 


If you tend to experience a lot of anxiety, you’re no stranger to the challenges it presents. But you’re a busy bulldogger, and even with all of your personal and professional responsibilities, it’s important to prioritize your mental health so you can keep on keeping on! Anxiety can have many effects on the body, including higher stress levels and — in the most extreme cases — burnout. You’ve gotta take time to address your anxiety and find ways to cope!

Here are a few ways to deal with anxiety…

Establish a Daily Routine

There are many benefits to sticking to a set routine. Routines improve time management skills, self-discipline, and focus. They can also help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. If you’re lacking in one or more of these areas and are wondering how to establish a routine that better fits your lifestyle, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

Kickstarting your morning with a solid skin care routine is one way to leave you feeling fresh and focused throughout the day. A good skin regimen is meant to support both you and your complexion, so don’t be afraid to be selective when choosing your skin care products. Look for treatments that contain an active ingredient, since these will serve to support your unique skin type and target your specific skin concerns.

Once you’ve got your skin care routine down to a science, you might also consider getting in the habit of making yourself a nutritious breakfast or challenging yourself to drink a tall glass of water each morning. You could wrap up your routine with a relaxing session of meditating! 

Do what works for you. Your routine should set you up for success throughout the day, so incorporate activities that bring you happiness and leave you feeling in control.


social distancing
Exercise has proven beneficial for overall health and wellness time and again, but did you know it can also help to alleviate stress and anxiety? When you rock an awesome workout, your brain releases endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood and pump blood to your brain, allowing you to think more clearly. Exercise can also help improve your sleep habits, which in turn, can lead to a healthier sleep schedule.

If you’re looking to start small with a workout regimen and a new healthy habit, try going for a walk each day, even if it’s only for ten minutes. Then, when you’re feeling a little more advanced and want to hit the gym, consider lifting weights or doing some cardio with strength-training exercises

If you don’t have access to a gym or aren’t big on outdoor walking and running, check out an online yoga class to get your blood pumping.


Sadness is a normal human emotion that we’ve all felt. Yes, it sucks — but it’s normal! 

(To be clear: there’s a difference between sadness and depression.) 

While sadness is a common emotion, it’s essential to manage it so you can feel your feelings… and also move forward. 

Consider trying these positive activities next time you need to get out of a sadness funk… 


social distancingJournaling is a great way to express your feelings without feeling judged by those around you. It can also help you set and achieve goals, giving you positive things to look forward to and celebrate. Journaling forces you to take note of all the good— and true, sometimes bad —things you encounter, providing you with an opportunity to remember and reflect on each. It’s all beneficial for your emotional health

If simply writing down your thoughts and feelings doesn’t sound appealing to you, you might prefer bullet journaling! Creating a bullet journal allows you to tune into your creative side and personalize each entry. For additional information about what bullet journaling entails and inspo to help you create your own bullet journal, read more here

Positive Thinking

When you’re feeling sad, it’s easy to get immersed in negative thoughts. By making a conscious effort to practice positive thinking and working toward seeing life in a positive light, you can ultimately transform the way you see yourself and the world around you. To successfully do this, you must first be able to recognize when you’re experiencing negative thoughts and then focus on turning them into something positive.

Start by identifying aspects of your life that you may view negatively and would like to change. Whether it’s your job, a relationship, or your daily commute, you can seek the positive in these situations so you can approach them differently. 

Check in on yourself and your thoughts throughout your day. If you find that your mind is overrun with more negative than positive thoughts, try to see the bright side in the current moment. Even if it’s something small like the sun shining or the fact that you’re rocking a great outfit, acknowledging things that bring you joy can do wonders for your worldview and mood.

Another way to increase your positive thinking is to practice positive self-talk. Don’t say something to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend or loved one! Be gentle with yourself and practice flipping negative thoughts into more positive statements. 


Depression is a mental health condition that can alter the way you feel, think, and act. While depression does involve feelings of sadness, it’s more than that. If you’re experiencing depression, you may lose interest in activities you once loved, feel worthless, or have changes in sleeping and appetite.

Here are some ways to deal with depression…

(Please also consult with a medical professional!) 

Find a Support System

social distancingWithout a strong support system, you may experience increased feelings of loneliness that can contribute to depression. That’s why it’s important to find and establish a solid group of people you can turn to in times of need! Whether it be family or friends, having these individuals around you can help build you up and give you the strength you need to move forward and thrive. 

Feeling connected to others can help encourage healthy choices and behaviors. It can also keep you motivated! Strengthen your positive influences by building bonds with the people around you and putting in some real effort with those relationships! 

Practice Healthy Habits

social distancingIt should hardly come as a surprise that healthy habits can improve your overall mood, as well as your general health and wellness. Although maintaining healthy habits and a routine may feel extra challenging while you’re dealing with depression, doing so is a great way to boost your quality of life. You can start by improving your sleep schedule and working to limit procrastination.

It’s not uncommon for those that deal with depression to experience sleep troubles. Maybe you can’t fall asleep, or maybe you’re on the opposite end and struggle to get out of bed due to extreme exhaustion. Either way, good sleep hygiene is incredibly important. Turn off electronics at least an hour before your ideal bedtime, practice a relaxing activity such as reading or deep breathing exercises, and aim only to utilize your bed for sleep. 

While the symptoms of depression — fatigue and difficulty concentrating — may make you want to stay in bed even longer, pushing through your urge to lay around and procrastinate can make or break your day. Depression can be fueled by procrastination, which might lead later to more guilt, worry, and stress. 

To prevent this, set deadlines for yourself and find ways to efficiently manage your time. Establish a few short-term goals for the day and focus on getting those tasks done rapidfire. With each task you complete, you’ll feel more fulfilled and motivated.

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