5 #bulldogstrong Ladies You Need to Go Follow on Instagram

For International Women's Day and *every* day.

We like to celebrate women — and, well, everyone — every day at bulldog, but it’s come to our attention that Mar. 8 is International Women’s Day. What better occasion to give some well-earned props to a few #bulldogstrong boss ladies who really embody what our tribe is all about, both in the way they approach fitness and the way they live their lives outside of yoga pants?

Well, we’ve decided there is no better occasion. So, it’s time for some shoutouts.

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s do a quick refresher on this #bulldogstrong business for the newcomers.

Living the #bulldogstrong way is about more than just physical strength (though we’re obviously very much in favor of that, too). It’s about living purposefully, welcoming people into your story, sharing honestly, pursuing challenges of all kinds, resisting the urge to blend in, and never, ever doing anything halfway. To put it simply, the women you’re about to meet are the perfect combination of grit and grace.

Check out these five Instagram accounts that truly embody #bulldogstrong — and happy International Women’s Day to you and the awesome women in your life!

1. @moms.can.be.fitTiffanie’s feed is an amazing testament to the hard work she puts in daily to exercise and eat well, but this toned and tough mama is #bulldogstrong for reasons that go way beyond fitness. Her willingness to open up to the social media community about her struggle to lose weight — even after the setback of an ACL injury and in the face of an ongoing battle with autoimmune disease — is a call to other women to get real online and to support each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Isn’t that what platforms like Instagram should be all about?

2. @melisfitIt’s evident from Melissa Eckman’s social media accounts, Web site, and YouTube channel that there’s absolutely no question that this accountant-turned-fitness entrepreneur is about as physically #bulldogstrong as you can get, but we dig her personal journey, too! Around here, we don’t really believe in “phoning it in,” so the fact that Melissa jumped in so boldly to a career change after more than six years in corporate America makes her the perfect fit for our bulldog fam. Even if she wasn’t totally killin’ it as a full time yogi, blogger, and model, we’d be impressed, so her 304K followers are really just the icing on the (all-natural) cake.

3. @amberlilyestromYou’re not going to see a lot of fitness-specific posts on Amber Lilyestrom’s Insta feed, but this kickass mamapreneur has all the makings of a bulldogger — no yoga mat required! Amber’s built a whole business around helping women “come home to who they really are,” and if that’s not the best ever rallying cry for International Women’s Day, then we don’t know what is. Watch Amber’s Insta Stories to hear her empowering calls to follow your passions and to join her on daily runs around the New Hampshire lake where she lives. If you love Amber like we do, you can check out her podcast, too!

4. @ally_troutAlly Trout, we want to be just like you when we grow up. This Georgia-based mom’s yoga pics make us want to get our mats out, like, now so we can push ourselves the way she does. Ally’s emphasis on strength over weight loss makes us want to be picked for whatever team she’s on even more. Oh wait — did you think she couldn’t get any cooler? Wrong! Ally’s also funny and way more relatable than your average ‘grammer. In one recent post, she describes her arms as “as weak as my ability to say no to a Cosmo made with Ketel One.” Girl, we feel you.

5. hellllolifeThere are a few extra l‘s in Alice Rolfe-Chin‘s Instagram handle, and she deserves every. last. one. Inspired to start her own fitness journey after having children, this personal trainer is an author, a life coach, and a mom — oh, and also casually in amazing shape. Alice’s feed is a treasure trove of inspirational wisdom and photos of her adorable children… not to mention fitness pics, workout inspo, and thoughts on healthy living in all its forms. You’ll come away from an IG stalking session fully convinced that feeling better about your life and yourself is just a few manageable steps away.

Who is your favorite #bulldogstrong ‘grammer? Tell us more on Facebook + Twitter!

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Featured image: Ryan Moreno/Unsplash; additional images via respective Instagram accounts

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