8 Instagram Feeds to Inspire You to Get Outside

From scrolling to exploring.

Along with the rest of the world, we’re on your case quite a bit about stepping away from your phone and social media. Sometimes we feel like a broken record, constantly suggesting going screen-free as a solution to just about any problem. We stand by it, but we’re not saying there’s never a time to pull out those devices. It just depends on the situation.

One situation in which we think social media can be a positive thing? When you’re looking for inspiration to break out of your comfort zone and freakin’ take action. With spring in full swing and summer not far behind for many of you bulldoggers, there’s never been a better time to seek inspiration to get outside and explore… and Instagram is a great place to start! These feeds will get you psyched to drop your phone and plan your next big outside adventure.

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I am a dichotomy of beings. Or a tri-cotomy, or really, whatever you call it when you’re a dozen different beings all at the same time. I am an activist in the West, fighting to protect the desert landscape that calls to my soul. I am a Cuban-American raised on cafecito, homegrown avocados, and Celia Cruz. I am a mother, to a non-human hija who only speaks in belly rubs and fussy cuddles. I am a solo traveler who kinda sorta totally loves the way I smell after 4 days of wearing the same shirt. I am a Miami girl, through and through, happiest with humidity, big hoop earrings, and loud music for dancing. I am an introvert, happiest alone at home with my plants. I am messy. But my bed is always made. I am loud. But often in solitude. I can’t survive without salt and the sea. But I live in the landlocked desert. I am a collection of contradictions, juxtapositions, a hodgepodge of personality, a cacophony of ancestry, a vision for the future. Coming home to Miami always makes me realize: I am weird as all hell, and I think it’s the greatest thing ever. It’s complicated, and a mess, and frustrating to try to balance all of my beings and find a community that understands and embraces all of me—but the messy bits are worth the beautiful experience of living in this (currently sunburnt) sack of skin. Are you a mess of being too? I think that’s pretty cool. Celebrate yourself today. Photo: @jamesharnoisphoto

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1. @katieboue: Colorado-based Katie does more than just post beautiful photos of the environment. She’s out there fighting for it! When she’s not advocating for public lands and the health of our planet, Katie is exploring and having all kinds of adventures, which you can experience right there with her via her Instagram. Her dog Spaghetti is often along for the ride, so prepare for plenty of pics of a cute pup climbing mountains.

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Recognizing the miracle that is this day.

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2. @chrisburkardChris Burkard has racked up 3.4 million followers, and it doesn’t take more than a quick scroll through his feed to see why. A professional photographer whose work has appeared numerous times in National Geographic (AKA the holy grail of nature pics), Burkard entertains his fellow ‘Grammers with images of everything from scuba divers underwater to surfers in action to almost-too-beautiful-to-believe rainbows.

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Photo by Pete McBride @pedromcbride // Sponsored by @makersmark // The Havasupai people have lived in and been the guardians of this magical canyon oasis for centuries. Many of them tell us to listen to the canyon, which is good advice to all of us as we face new challenges with our changing natural world. Freshwater sources, like these springs that flow from rocks inside the Grand Canyon in Arizona, are some of our most important resources. We often take them for granted, ignoring pollution and shortage warnings. More than ever, we need to pay attention to what these natural systems are saying. // This Earth Day, @makersmark is on a mission to remove 75,000 pounds of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways. Explore #CocktailsForCleanups to join a cleanup near you and help create change. Because without water there could be no life on Earth. And no bourbon. Maker’s Mark should be enjoyed by adults of legal purchase age for alcohol. MADE WITH CARE. SIP WITH CARE.™ Bourbon 45%abv. Maker’s Mark Distillery, Loretto, KY.

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3. @natgeotravel: If you love to travel, scroll through this feed for just a few seconds and you’ll be overflowing with new destinations to add to your bucket list, all of them home to stunning nature. You better up that travel budget, bulldogs, because you’ll be itching to toss your hiking boots and camping gear in a bag and hit the road ASAP.

4. @visitpnwThe Pacific Northwest seems to be having a moment lately. Everyone’s discovering just how beautiful the region is! Whether or not you personally live in the PNW, you’re going to love looking at the gorgeous pics that populate this account, and they’re bound to inspire you to go out and look for the most picturesque places wherever you live — or to book a trip to the upper-left corner of the U.S.!

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nowhere to go but everywhere 🌵

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5. @henrythecoloradodogWe’ve hardly made it a secret that we are serious dog lovers around here — it’s in our name! — and we’re not going to start now. While there are plenty of outdoorsy accounts out there featuring cute pets, this one makes the animals the star and humans are only involved occasionally. Meet Henry the dog (and his cat friend Baloo), who’s out there exploring, following his nose, and running free. You’ll wish you could tag along!

6. @sianannalewisBetter known to her social media pals as “The Girl Outdoors,” Siananna Lewis is a well-known travel/outdoors writer and speaker… and if her posts only show off a fraction of her incredible adventures, we’d love to know what the rest of them look like. If you’re a woman who loves being outside and adventuring, you’re going to appreciate this feed that much more.

7. @bearfoottheoryTravel enthusiast Kristen started her Bearfoot Theory blog in hopes of empowering everyday people (especially women!) to get outside and live more adventurously. Get a peek at how she does this on Instagram! You’ll learn how to plan trips, pick up helpful outdoorsy skills, and choose the right gear for your needs.

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Look at that squishy face! One of my favorite photos and adventures from Season Two of the @tinyhomeadventure with @kickerdogmuse . We took a train into the mountains, hopped off at the whistle stop, and hiked to a glacial lake to camp out for the night. The next morning we hiked to the toe of the glacier, paddled this pack raft around icebergs and then floated down the glacial river 10 miles back to the train tracks which we walked back to the van. Check out Episode 12 for the full adventure. What’s the most memorable adventure you’ve been on? – – @gopro @maverik_inc @rossignol @wilderdog @campchef @kickeraudio @alpacka_raft – – #positivevibes #adventure #goldenretriever #whitewater #kayaking #adventuredog #camping #glaciers #river #puppy #pup #adventurepup #smiles #sleepypup #bestadventures #alaska #happydog

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8. @andrew_museA precious golden retriever named Kicker Dog meets winter sports, kiteboarding, and beautiful sunsets, and you’ve got yourself Andrew Muse’s IG feed. Kicker Dog’s many outdoor exploits may even inspire you to put your pup in the car to join you for your next outdoor excursion.

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Featured image: Paul Gilmore/Unsplash

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