Behind the Scenes of Our bulldog Playlists

Here's how we make music magic.

From the beginning, there was no question that great music — of multiple styles and eras — was going to play a major role at bulldog.

Yes, our team is a music-loving one, but it was more than that. As we learned about the many benefits of music (which include, among other things, enhanced IQ, reduced stress, improved athletic performance, and better body movement), we knew it was important to make dynamic playlists a key part of the yoga practice for our bulldog family. With all of those health and wellness upsides, how could we not… especially when music is just awesome?

If you’ve taken a class at the studio — or simply checked us out on Spotify — you know that we take our playlists pretty seriously (and we hope it shows!). Keep scrolling for a little peek into how we put them together.


  • We do our best to keep our finger on the pulse of new music, and we never forget our favorite oldie-but-goodie musical gems. All of those songs go into a master library of tunes that you can think of as the overall soundtrack for the bulldog experience.
  • Our team of leaders puts their heads together to pull tracks from the master library into specific playlists that will make for the best yoga class. What does the ideal playlist look like? It should be the perfect mix of pop favorites, unique finds, and classics you know and love, assembled in a way you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Trust us, it’s going to make for an amazing practice — or commute, party, or run!
  • Every playlist gets a stamp of approval from our top dogs before it’s rolled out into the studio. (Did we mention we take this pretty seriously?)
  • Our leaders make the most of all of our playlists by combining their individual personalities with the music they choose for class — and we’ve even incorporated leader-specific playlists into our line-up so you can really get to know each yogi’s personal style. These playlists are noted on our class schedule. Check ’em out!

Our guests have also started getting involved with the playlist process! You can check out the guest favorites playlist on Spotify to find out what bulldog tracks our community is loving the most.

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Image: Oliur Rahman/Unsplash

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