bulldog recommends: June 2018

The sounds of summer.

The sweetest season of the year is now in full swing, and we want to make sure you’re fully prepared to savor every last little moment.

Grab your best pals. You’re going to need them for road trips and BBQs and impromptu outings to the movies when it’s too hot outside to do anything else.

Grab your beverage of choice.We’re not saying there needs to be vodka in your lemonade or anything like that, but if there is, then you can consider us fully supportive.

Grab your yoga mat. Get loose on the mat, pay us a visit in Villanova or Boulder, or take an online class from the comfort of your own home (and air conditioning). While you’re streaming, why not bring your bulldog poolside, to your backyard, or on your big family vacation? It’s not about looking good in your bathing suit — it’s about feeling your best at a time that’s all about getting out there and doing whatever it is you want to do.

Grab your sunglasses + sunscreen. Sun damage is real, y’all.

Grab your travel plan (or not). Maybe you’ve gone all Type A with a full itinerary of summer vacations, or maybe you’re just going to jump in the car and see how long it takes to find a beach. Either way, you deserve a little getaway.

Finally, (and importantly, of course) grab your music. If you’re at a loss for what to add to your Spotify playlists before you take off for your adventures in friendship and drinking and yoga, check out our suggestions below. We’ve been jamming to these tracks around the studios over the last few months and feel fully confident that they’ll make the perfect addition to your summer plans.

As always, there’s more where these came from (AKA our bulldog Spotify channel!).


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Featured image: Javier Allegue Barros/Unsplash


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