bulldog recommends: November 2017

We're back with the jams you've gotta hear.

Has your music selection been lacking some direction lately? Do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your streaming service of choice, thinking to yourself (only somewhat dramatically), “Shouldn’t there be someone telling me what to listen to?”

It sounds like we’re officially in your head.

That missing voice of music recommendations was us, and we are deeply, deeply sorry for leaving you hanging. We’ve been spending a lot of time telling you how much music rocks lately, but it’s about time we bring you what we know you are begging for: some actual suggested tunes! This bulldog fam is always grateful for music, but with Thanksgiving just around the corner (see ya, Halloween!), we couldn’t think of a better time to bring back a few song recs.

As always, the ten songs listed below have all been played around the studio over the past few weeks, but it’s time we break them outta those four walls and share them with all of you. In terms of genre and decade, you’ll find a little bit of everything. Just like a good Thanksgiving dinner, a truly fantastic playlist requires that level of variety — and that’s definitely what we’re serving up here.

Find all of these songs (and so, so many more) on our Spotify! Once you’re following our channel, you’ll find yourself in a state of music misdirection much less even without our specific recommendations here on the blog. But that doesn’t mean you won’t miss us. (Remember — we’re in your head.)

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Featured image: Malte Wingen/Unsplash

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