10 Bulldogs Who *Really* Know How to Celebrate Halloween

And they're ready for their moment in the spotlight.

Fall is in full swing. Cue the rustle of leaves, the grumbles of frustration as you tear through the closet looking for the boots and scarves that you know you hid behind the box of the kids’ old school stuff, the smell of an apple pie baking in the oven (or coming out of its store-bought package on the counter), and — of course — dogs in costumes. It’s a staple of the season and we wait for it all. year. long. Sure, kids in costumes are great, but there’s nothing we love more than the innocence of a canine in costume. These pooches don’t even know how fantastic they look — which just makes them look even more fantastic. Dogs, it’s your time to shine and you’re bound to put all the smiles on our faces.

In anticipation of Halloween, we’ve scoured the universe (and by universe, we mean Instagram) for bulldogs who really know what they’re doing when it comes to celebrating this occasion. Honestly, they do it better than we do. Here are ten of our favorite bulldog Halloween costumes.

1. maggie_eleanor_mercerMaggie doesn’t quite understand why they keep making new Star Wars movies. But she has a feeling she looks great in her Yoda Halloween costume.

2. @sczempThere’s just something special about the simplicity of a dog in a banana costume. It’s subtle, but still makes a major (and delicious) statement.

3. @pirlothebulldog: It seems like we never get a chance to celebrate the fall holidays these days (sigh). Everyone’s always rushing toward December — and we hate that. Except when Pirlo does it.

4. @longislandbulldogrescueWe’ve always thought the movie would have been better with two more Blues Brothers. Here’s the proof we’ve been looking for.

5. @themrjuiceNo one’s ever been less excited about anything related to Hawaii than Mr. Juice.

6. @darwinthebulldogDarwin, on the other hand, has a much more enthusiastic approach to the luau lifestyle. We dig your vacation style, man.

7. @dogtailsWhy be scared half to death by Pennywise from It when you can marvel at this happy clown instead? (Spoiler alert: we choose this clown every time.)

8. @chunksthebulldogDressing up as a monkey is incredibly exhausting. Enter this pumpkin (AKA chinrest) to help ease the struggle.

9. @j_albrecht_designsBulldogs can rock the most classic Halloween looks with the best of them. It’s the old stand-bys that really make the holiday special, ya know?

10. @familybulldogcbbThe only thing better than one bulldog dressed as a superhero in a tutu? Three bulldogs dressed as superheroes in tutus. (We’d gladly take four, five, or ten, too — but we’ll take what we can get!)

Is your pup dressing up for Halloween? We want all the details. Tell us more on Facebook + Twitter!

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Featured image: Amber Zewert/Unsplash; additional images via respective Instagram accounts

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