bulldog gallery: Rachel McGinn

Beautiful and talented.

You already know her as the woman responsible for so many of the awesome images throughout our bulldog site (she makes our leader team look even better than they do naturally, which is seriously difficult to do), but you should probably know her for even more than that. You should probably learn that she’s an unbelievable artist, too.

If it seems like we’re getting ahead of ourselves with the introduction, we probably are — but we are so crazy about Rachel McGinn that it’s hard not to start with hardcore flattery right out of the gate. You may remember Rachel from her guest blog a few months ago, and we’re feeling pretty #blessed that she’s decided to pay us another visit, this time with a full curated gallery of some of her favorite images, along with a few of her thoughts on each one.

bulldoggers, grab your fall beverage of choice (we won’t tell anyone if it’s a PSL) and cozy up to enjoy Rachel’s one-of-a-kind work.

The clear waters of a swimming pool. I love watching the reflections take shape like pebbles. Their shadows dance.
This photo of my daughter Lila watching a ferry leave Cape May reminds me that, while the world ahead of her is vast and uncertain, there is always a warm glow of light to look toward.
The daughter of a long-time client of mine spins freely in her hallway. We should all have a moment like this at least once a day.
 Again, Lila with water! This was shot when she was learning not to fear the deep end. I love the tight grip she had on the steps — but she was still ready to jump in!
 A single hyacinth. One of my favorite flowers, not only for the way it looks, but because it smells like the first day of spring, when everything ahead is warm and fresh.
 Another client’s daughter photographed at the end of summer. She watched the sky from the rook of the car, holding on to the season a little longer.
The shared desk of two of my clients. They are a pair of dynamic, talented women. I admire their creativity and their ability to balance work and family so beautifully.
An image I shot in Montauk while visiting my best friend. I love that it’s not in focus. Often, things are not — and you have to find your own clarity.
 I like the juxtaposition of the tall, skinny palms and the short, round bushes at The Delano in Miami. It reminds me that no two people are the same and that every shape and size is beautiful.
 I love this bird’s wingspan and his confidence as he flies.
Play-Doh notes from my son. Enough said.
Delicate cherry blossoms holding strong, even in a snow storm.


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