Here’s Why Music Rocks (Even More)

The beat goes on.

Last month, we shared a list of the benefits of music — and while that list was pretty, pretty impressive all on its own, we’re still not done. That’s right. There’s more! We don’t believe you can ever have too much of a good thing, especially when that good thing is music, so we’re super happy to be continually finding more proof that turning up the volume on our favorite tunes can show returns for our health and emotional wellbeing. You can scroll down to read all about those specific wellness benefits below.

Our very favorite thing about music, though? It gets us in the game. Music gets us moving. It makes us feel our best. It inspires us to jump out of bed in the morning without hitting snooze (or maybe just hitting snooze once). It inspires us to call our friends over for a dance party when it would be easier to sit on the couch and watch TV. It reminds us to be proactive in our own lives. It gets us sweating harder in yoga class and helps us get our heart rates up.

The game? Oh, we’re in it. And when we’re playing our best, it’s usually because we have the right soundtrack.

Here are a few more awesome benefits:

  • Music reduces stress and improves health. It’s no secret that the stress hormone cortisol does a body absolutely zero good, so the fact that music has been proven to cut back on cortisol levels should be welcome news for your immune system. You don’t want to kill your cortisol levels entirely (the hormone is important for maintaining blood sugar and preventing fatigue, among other things), but we’re happy to sign up for anything that will help us regulate it and keep it in the healthy zone. Some studies have shown that musicians who actually make music themselves (specifically using percussion instruments and their voice) have an even healthier immune system than people who are passive listeners. Time to whip out the ‘ole keyboard and warm up with some vocal scales!
  • Music fights road rage. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to turn down your fave station while you’re in the car. Researchers in the Netherlands found that drivers who listen to music are in a better mood than those who don’t, and the happier a driver is, the more likely they are to drive safely and avoid dangerous accidents.
  • Music cuts back on pain. A study at Drexel University discovered that cancer patients experienced greater pain reduction after undergoing music therapy or listening to pre-recorded music than they did while undergoing more traditional treatments. Similar results have been observed in intensive care and geriatric patients.

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Featured image: Kevin Horstmann/Unsplash

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