Here’s Why Music Rocks

In case inspiring all of your best dance moves isn't enough.

It’s no secret that we’re not afraid to let the music move us around here. We’ve been known to bust a move or to sing the (wrong) lyrics to our favorite song (loudly) — and to fall out of any number of yoga poses as a result. When the beat hits you, you just gotta go with it, ya know?

At our core, we’re serious music lovers, so it doesn’t take a lot to convince us to get into the spirit of song. Still, we’re not un-impressed by the number of proven benefits that come with listening to and playing music. If you’re skeptical, look no further than Google — your mind will be totally blown by the volume of matches for a simple search of “music benefits.” The world is at your fingertips, people.

We know you’re super busy movin’ and groovin’, though, so we’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the health and mental advantages you can rack up as a music lover — or even a music maker! If you’re not blasting the radio in your car at max volume — or, better yet, teaching yourself to play the drums (or guitar!) — by the end of it, then consider us out of ideas.

  • Music’s intellectual benefits are endless (for all ages). Kids who take music lessons at a young age are predicted to have a higher IQ and a better academic performance than those who don’t, but music helps adults stay sharp, too! As we age and begin battling issues related to memory and the brain (like Alzheimer’s disease and strokes), music can aid recovery and help us maintain more intellectual function.
  • Music can help you control your appetite. If you’re looking to curb your calorie intake, consider adding a little mood music to your dinner routine. Research from Georgia Tech University suggests that soft background tunes can help people enjoy their meals more, while eating less.
  • Chemically speaking, music really does make you happier. Studies show that listening to music prompts your brain to release more dopamine, better known as the “feel-good” neurotransmitter.
  • Music can help you pick up on new things more quickly. Trying to pick up a hobby or learn a new language? Put on some music while you practice! When adult learners listen to music while they work on new skills, they tend to understand the material more. And if you’re a musician, you’re definitely in luck. People who actively make music often have an easier time learning something new.

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Featured image: Eric Ward/Unsplash; GIF: giphy

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