Our Top 10 Fave Goat Yoga Pics

You've goat to be kidding me.

If you’ve been keeping up with social media recently, you may have stumbled on a suddenly viral trend: goat yoga.

And if you haven’t, let us enlighten you…

This is not a joke, and goat yoga is exactly what you think it is — a yoga practice that gives people the opportunity to get up close and personal with goats as they (the humans, not the goats) make their way through a sequence of poses. The original Goat Yoga launched in Oregon in 2016, and the wait list for classes there has topped out at nearly two thousand people — not to mention the people lining up to give it a try at other farms and studios. Seriously, are goats the new unicorn?

So, what are the benefits? “Goat yoga clears the mind and offers a chance to release endorphins from exercise and increase oxytocin with pet therapy,” Arizona Goat Yoga’s Sarah Williams told Cosmopolitan (check out this link for more deets on the goat yoga experience). “People love goats and they love yoga — it’s a win-win.”

You may not have easy access to goat yoga classes, but thanks to the Internet, you can get a glimpse of the trend from the comfort of your own home (or-non goat yoga mat). Check out some of our favorite pics:

Photo: Instagram/@puregoatness

Goats make great yoga companions, but they can also function as targets for your backbends (it’s even better when they resist the urge to be moving targets).

Photo: weather.com

They aren’t making leggings and crop tops for yoga goats (yet), but these guys still aim to dress appropriately for class with seasonally-relevant costumes. We’re impressed by their commitment to both their yoga practice and their holiday cheer.

Photo: Arizona Wishesh

Even in tree pose, sometimes you’ve just gotta hold a goat. Luckily for the yogi pictured above, goats (or this goat, at least) don’t seem to mind.

Photo: Wisconsin Gazette

Yoga classes are a great place for making friends, and basically the only place where you can get this friendly with a barnyard animal.

Photo: Instagram/@azgoatyoga

Just like celebrity sightings and skydiving, when it comes to goat yoga, the motto should always be “pics or it didn’t happen.” Naturally, these yogis aren’t missing the chance to snap a selfie with their recently-leid animal friend.

Photo: That Oregon Life

Hooves make it sort of challenging for goats to adjust your poses (in the spirit of our bulldog leaders), but that doesn’t stop them from checking in periodically — and adding some extra weight to your upward-facing dog.

Photo: Instagram/@transitionsyoga

If you thought partner yoga was the ultimate way to spice up your practice, just add goats.

Photo: Glamour

The best test of your focus and endurance? Try out your standard poses, then invite a group of adorable creatures to walk on top of you.

Photo: Instagram/@_insta_goat_

Adult goats can weigh anywhere from 44 to 300 pounds. If you’re looking to up your game on the mat, putting an animal on your back is a surefire way to test your strength.

Did you think we would try to illustrate the goat yoga phenomenon with still photos alone? No way! Check out this awesome video of @yoga_girl practicing with her own trusty goat.

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Featured image: LDSLiving


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