Good News for bulldoggers in the Bedroom

Let's talk about sex, baby.

Hey — yoga-lovin’ friends. Guess what?

We have something to tell you that we think you’re really going to like.

Beyond all of the benefits of having a regular yoga practice that you may have heard already, did you know that hitting the mat consistently can also improve what happens when you hit the mattress? (If this is all news to you, then you can bet we’re more than happy to be the messenger on this one.) Here’s why…

  • Yoga boosts stamina. No one wants to have to take a break in the bedroom because they’re running out of steam. The cardio benefits of yoga (especially a toasty warm session set to an awesome soundtrack in the bulldog studio) will make those breaks a thing of the past. A regular practice can help you develop techniques for core stability, muscle control, and heavy breathing — all skills that are just as useful during a sweat session between the sheets as they are during a sweat session in class.
  • Yoga increases endurance. That muscle control we mentioned above is super important for improving your sex life. Both men and women can benefit from learning to better control their lower bodies (catch our drift?)… and to nama-stay at it for longer.
  • Yoga improves strength and flexibility. The more poses you have mastered when you get on the mat, the more poses you’ll have ready when you get it on. Getting flexible means getting creative. Need we say more?

Click here for more details on the sexual benefits of yoga, along with a list of ten poses that you may find have an extra pay-off for you and your partner.

You’ll thank us later.

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Featured image: Alejandra Quiroz/Unsplash



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