Top Dog Katy’s Advice for Living Your Best Life

Meet Katy Conicella — country music enthusiast, New York City dweller, yogi pro, and the Top Dog here at bulldog yoga (not to mention, dog mom to our one-of-a-kind mascot, Gracie).

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As Top Dog, Katy has a lot on her plate, and to stay her happiest and healthiest, she focuses on keeping a few key areas of her life simple and clean (just like her eating!). Check out some of her tips for living your best life below.

  • Look at challenges with gratitude. While we (unfortunately) can’t control what happens around us, we can decide how we react to whatever pesky curve balls come our way. Katy tries to view difficult times as opportunities for growth. “Clean up your thoughts and your perspective, allow yourself to see the beauty in the breakdown, and trust that the outcome will most likely be far greater than you could have ever imagined,” Katy says.
  • Focus on your healthiest relationships. It’s not realistic to be on perfect terms with every friend, family member, or significant other all the time, but when the people close to us are consistently detracting from our happiness, it may be time to consider how those relationships are working. Katy encourages us to reflect on our own actions and how we may be able to transform the way we relate to others — or to have the strength to walk away from people who can’t love, honor, and respect us.
  • Minimize clutter across the board. Whether it’s your closets or your finances that are feeling a bit messy, invest time in getting organized. Creating a calmer environment will go a long way toward keeping your mind clear and healthy.
  • Commit to fun! “There is always enough time in your day for YOU,” Katy says. “Being playful is in our true nature, so tune in and have fun!” What makes you feel silly and happy? Whatever that thing is, do it — and do it often. You’ll be amazed what a huge difference just five minutes of fun in your daily routine will make!

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