Leader Spotlight: Allison Sobel

A zest for life (and meditation).

We’ve been giving a lot of love to the awesome team of leaders at our new Boulder studio over the last few months — and rightfully so, because they rule — but we’re back at it with the OG crew in Villanova for today’s Leader Spotlight. Because, well, we’re all one big happy family around here and we’re never, ever going to be over how incredible every. last. member. of our crew really is.

Seriously, how did we get so lucky? Take a class at either of our studios or online (have we mentioned you can do this literally anywhere in the world?) and we are positive you’ll agree that we hit the jackpot.

Look no further than Allison Sobel for further proof. Villanova-based Allison is constantly blowing us away with her sheer compassion, high energy, and zen way of being. Want to learn more about her and her amazing ways? Read on for all the details about what activates, invigorates, and exhilarates her. (Maybe somewhere in here lies the secret to Allison’s contagious positive energy! We’d like a little of that, please.)

What activates me: Meditation! Every morning, I start my day with RPM — Rise, Pee, and Meditate. It is a way of life and a daily habit that I’ve been doing for more than a decade. I meditate anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes every day. And it’s changed my life! I am calmer and more creative, compassionate, energized, grounded, joyful… and the list goes on. Yoga class used to be my primary practice, but that’s shifted to meditation over the years.

What invigorates me: Any kind of physical exercise — and teaching others about physical exercise, too! I became a regular gym rat in college and started training clients and teaching high-impact aerobics in 1990. I was even a natural body builder for several years! My passion for fitness led me to open several studios in the Philadelphia area offering cycling, yoga, and barre. I sold all of those studios a few years ago, but I still continue to run, bike, and practice yoga daily. My job also invigorates me! It’s funny calling it a “job” because I can’t believe I get paid to share my enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge for cycling, yoga, and meditation. It feels like a party!

What exhilarates me: Life with my husband and three girls! When I say “life,” I mean the whole thing: meeting and marrying The One, having a child, then another, and another! I’ve loved watching our three baby girls grow to shine and soar. I can’t believe two of them are in college! It’s also been amazing taking family trips around the globe. Seriously, this whole thing called life exhilarates me!

Check out our class schedule to find out when you can practice with Allison next!

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