Leader Spotlight: Caitlin McCormick

Meet Caitlin McCormick, one of the incredible leaders here at bulldog yoga. Inspired by our activate, invigorate + exhilarate classes, Caitlin’s sharing a bit more below about her life both on and off the mat. Read on to get to know Caitlin better (and to see some photos of her and her adorable family!).

caitlin 4

What activates me: Teaching. I was a dance teacher for a few years before even finding yoga — and my love of teaching continues to activate me now. My favorite thing is seeing people have a breakthrough moment. No matter how small that breakthrough is, it is amazing to watch.


What invigorates me: Learning a new yoga transition. I might be in bed watching yoga video clips when something catches my eye, and I have to jump up and try it right away. I have been practicing for 18 years, but my practice is always changing with every season. It makes life fun and energizing.

caitlin 2

What exhilarates me: The joy I get from working with my bulldog team. They are all such gifted leaders. Sometimes we have time to hang out after classes, and the amount I learn from them in those few moments is so exciting. Just being in their classes makes me so happy!

Check out our class schedule to find out when you can practice with Caitlin in the studio next!



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