Leader Spotlight: Taylor Johnson

Bringin' it to Boulder.

This week is a big, BIG one for the bulldog family. On February 10, we’ll open the doors of our brand new studio in Boulder, CO — and whether you’re a Coloradan itching to try our brand of yoga IRL, a long-time member of our Villanova community, or a resident of some other awesome place who loves flowing with us via our online classes, we hope you’ll help us celebrate the occasion wherever you are (impromptu dance party, anyone?). We’re super psyched.

Adding to our excitement is the fact that we’ve spent the last few months getting acquainted with the new team of leaders making the magic happen in Boulder… and we finally get to introduce them to the rest of the pack. We’re a little bummed that we can’t have them to ourselves anymore, but we know you’re going to love them just as much as we do! (You better.)

Meet Taylor Johnson, the first of our Boulder team to hit the leader spotlight. Keep scrolling to learn more about Taylor and to get a small taste of how excited we are to expand this awesome family west.

What activates me: Eight hours of sleep? No, that’s not accurate (LOL). But every morning, I do get to wake up and start refreshed and new — and there’s something so powerful about the morning. It’s when I feel most productive and inspired. On an ideal morning, I read a good book, journal, work on my class plan, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Nothing else activates and gets me going in the same way. It’s so important to set aside that kind of time for yourself to tap into the creative and expressive part of who you are — and mornings are where it’s at!

What invigorates me: Learning new things! Whether it’s reading a book, traveling and experiencing different cultures, learning more about yoga (the learning never ends!), practicing and understanding different forms of movement… the list could go on and on! Learning is integral to who I am, and it reinvigorates my love for life. My curiosity is definitely what led me to start teaching yoga and to continue to deepen my education around this life-changing practice. It’s important to maintain a childlike sense of wonder — that way, life is always full of mysteries and surprises to uncover!

What exhilarates me: Two things — laughing and dancing. I am genuinely one of the weirdest people you will ever meet and I laugh at pretty much everything. Laughter is seriously the best medicine, and spending time with people you love laughing your ass off with is the good s#!t that life is made of. Also, I generally love physical movement, and I think we’re all meant to move as a form of expression. Dancing, in particular, brings me to life in exhilarating ways. When I’m dancing, I can connect with my body and music in a way that makes me feel strong, empowered, and confident. People who know me well also know that this includes twerking — and if twerking in a headstand isn’t exhilarating, then I don’t know what is (yes, you read that right).

Want to give a shoutout to Taylor and the rest of the awesome new team of leaders at bulldog Boulder? Say hello on Facebook + Twitter!

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