Letting The Music Move You

Because it's more than just sound coming out of your earbuds.

Do you remember the song that was playing when you walked into your junior prom? Your palms were sweaty, your shoes were really uncomfortable, and you probably hadn’t said more than six words to your date on the ride over… but then that song came on. BAM! Whether it was Madonna or Springsteen or T-Pain (hello, millennials!) playing through the speakers, you made yourself a memory.

What about the song that was playing the first time you cried over getting your heart broken? (And if you’re saying you didn’t cry, we’ll pretend to believe you.) You locked your bedroom door and hid under the covers and cranked up the volume on something that would make you feel better — or maybe just something that would make you feel a little more OK about not feeling better yet. It’s a sad memory, but a memory nonetheless… and it’s probably that song that makes the whole thing less depressing to reflect on.

What about the song that you and your college BFF loved dancing in the dorm to? The song you’ve used to kick off your best road trips? The song you played on repeat that time you had the flu and felt too crappy to watch TV? Do you remember those?

Well, we remember them — not your songs, of course (because that would be creepy), but the ones that have been meaningful to us over the years. Aside from giving us hilarious mental snapshots to both laugh and cry about, these memories further support our case that music is pretty much the best thing that ever happened. Is there anything better than music for narrating every last one of your life experiences — and for taking you back to those experience when you need it the most?

In our latest Mat Chat, bulldog Villanova leader Tessa Jenkins shares more about how we tap into this special quality of music to make the bulldog experience that much better.

Take a page from our book and use those handy musical memories next time you need a little distraction, whether you’re losing balance on the yoga mat or being driven totally crazy by your kids (hey — it happens!). IRL you might be a human on. the. verge, but in your head? You’ll be back at your eighth grade roller skating party, taking laps to the smooth sounds of the Bee Gees.

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Featured image: Eric Nopanen/Unsplash

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